Mastering Diablo 4 Season 2: Battle of Fear and Faith Guide

“Diablo 4” Season 2 brings a thrilling quest, the “Battle of Fear and Faith,” which challenges players with a mix of strategy, skill, and a touch of luck due to a known bug. This guide will walk you through the quest, offering tips and insights for a successful completion.

Starting the Quest

To embark on this quest, complete the “Wolves at the Door” quest and speak to Erys in Kyovashad. This triggers two main tasks: stopping the Blood Harvest and completing Chapter 3 of the Season Journey.

Dealing with the Bug

Interestingly, a bug in the game sometimes allows players to complete the quest by achieving just one of these objectives. While exploiting this bug can hasten completion, focusing on stopping the Blood Harvest first is recommended, as it’s more uncomplicated and straightforward.

Stopping the Blood Harvest

The Blood Harvest is marked as a green area on your map. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Offer 15 Blood Lures at a Blood Altar.
  • Free prisoners involved in the ritual.
  • Destroy the Monument of Bones.
  • Burn Corpse Piles.
  • Complete tasks are given by the Tree of Whispers.

Completing Chapter 3 of the Season Journey

If the bug doesn’t work for you or gets patched, you’ll need to complete Chapter 3, which is more intricate and involves:

  • Acquiring 5 Caches from the Tree of Whispers.
  • Winning over three Strongholds.
  • Crafting five Elixirs.
  • Unlocking 16 Aspects through Dungeons.
  • Upgrading your healing potion.
  • Gaining Reputation level three during the Blood Harvest event.
  • Destroying Blood Blisters.
  • Consuming Potent Blood and Upgrading a Vampiric Power.
  • Defeating Blood Seekers.
  • Purifying Seeds of Hatred.
  • Opening a Silent Chest.
  • Unlocking World Tier 3.
  • Equipping armor with at least five Pacts.

The Battle of Fear and Faith

After completing “Beckoning Thirst,” you’ll proceed to this quest. You’ll need to remove Lord Zir’s vampires, then focus on stopping the Blood Harvest. The Harvest can be found on your map, marked in dark green. Fill up the red quest progression bar by killing enemies or completing tasks within the Harvest. Note that completing this quest doesn’t prevent future Blood Harvests from occurring.


In completing this quest, you’ll unlock valuable rewards that can elevate your gameplay in Diablo 4. Among these are the Rare Blood Magus Gloves, a Potent Blood Cache, and a random Pact item, each being a sought-after Diablo 4 items in the game’s vibrant trading community. Additionally, the Moonrise Vampiric Power, a coveted asset especially beneficial for Druids or Rogues, further enhances the value of these rewards.


The “Battle of Fear and Faith” quest in Diablo 4 Season 2 combines combat, strategy, and, sometimes, leveraging a bug. Whether you aim to quickly exploit the bug or immerse fully in the quest’s challenges, this guide should help you navigate through to reap the rewards and enhance your gaming experience. Remember, with each quest, the rich world of Diablo 4 becomes more engrossing, offering new adventures at every turn.

What First-Time Players Need To Know To Buy Game Accounts

Are you a first-time game player looking to get your foot in the door and start playing the game? If you’re looking to jump into the action, you may be considering buying an account online. While this may seem like a great way to get started quickly, you should know some important things before purchasing.

Knowing the benefits associated with buying game accounts online can help you make an informed decision and ensure you get the most out of your purchase. Whether you’re looking for a competitive advantage or just want to save time, this article will help you understand the basics of online buying game accounts and making the best decision for your needs.

Benefits Of Buying Game Accounts Online

If you are new to the game, you may think that buying a game account online is the best way to get started and get a head start on other players. There are a few reasons why someone may choose to buy game accounts instead of starting fresh with a new account. The most common reason people choose to buy accounts is that they want to spend less time leveling their characters.

The game can take a long time to level up, especially if you’re new or not as dedicated to the game. Buying an account that is already leveled up can save you a lot of time and get you in the game faster. Another reason people buy accounts is to get a boost in gameplay. Some accounts come pre-equipped with rare items and/or other advantages that can help someone excel in the game.

What To Look For When Buying Game Accounts

Now that you know some of the benefits of buying accounts, let’s discuss what you should look for when purchasing. The first thing to consider is where and from whom you’re buying the account. It’s important to buy from trusted and verified sellers when buying game accounts.

These sellers are often trustworthy and have been around for a long time. This offers you peace of mind and a guarantee that the account is legitimate. Most reputable sellers, such as U4gm, offer a refund if you’re unhappy with your purchase, so it’s a safe purchase for you, too. You should also consider which type of account you’re looking for.

There are three main types of accounts available for purchase: Starter, premium, and complete. Starter accounts have the least amount of progress and features, while complete accounts have the most. Premium accounts fall somewhere in between. You’ll want to ensure that you’re getting an account that matches your price.

Tips For Buying Game Account Safely

Buying game accounts can be a safe transaction, but you must take a few steps to ensure you stay safe. First, only buy game accounts from trusted sellers. If you’re unsure, search online to see if any other players have written reviews. You can also ask around the game’s online streaming channel to see if anyone can recommend a trusted seller.

Next, use a secure payment method. Don’t use your personal e-wallet account or other unsecure payment methods that could get hacked. Instead, use a secure payment method like a credit or debit card. You can also buy an account using cryptocurrency. You can also use a gift card to add extra security to your purchase.

What’s The Best Site For Buying Game Accounts Online?

Now that you know some of the basics of buying accounts and how to do it safely, let’s take a look at some of the best sites for buying accounts. Many game-related websites will sell you accounts, but not all of them are worth buying from.

But perhaps the best and most recommended one is U4gm, as it has been selling accounts for a long time already and has a very reliable service. It offers a variety of game accounts for different types of players, such as Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon Account, Baldur’s Gate 3 Accounts, Dragon Ball Legends Accounts, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Accounts, and more. You can find anything from cheap accounts to premium accounts. And U4gm strictly reviews every account to ensure all Accounts are 100% secure. They will deliver all Accounts within 15 minutes. U4gm also offers a refund policy if you don’t want to wait! So don’t hesitate to buy it in the blink of an eye!

Key Takeaways For First-Time Players

Now that you know a bit more about what to look for in a game account and where to buy accounts online, you can be better prepared to decide on buying an account. If buying a game account is right for you, make sure you do your research and go through the above buying tips before you make a purchase. Buying an account does offer a quick way to get into the game and start playing. So, if you’re buying an account at U4gm, ensure you’re getting a good deal and make the most of your purchase!

All 14 Returning Characters in Modern Warfare 3

All 14 Returning Characters in Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3 has been released for Early Access, and with it, many new things have been added to the game. However, in this article, we will focus on the returning characters in Modern Warfare 3. These are characters that have been in previous Call of Duty games and are once again here. We will look at their backstory, origin, and who they are now within Modern Warfare 3.

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Here are the 14 returning characters in Modern Warfare 3:

  1. Kate Lwell – Watcher 1
  2. Captain Price – Leader of Task Force 141
  3. Kyle Garrick, AKA Gaz – Equal with the rest of the soldiers
  4. Simon Ghost Riley – Soldier that Captain Price could trust
  5. Soap McTavish – Main member of Task Force 141
  6. Vladimir Mov – Super evil villain
  7. Farah Kim – Leader of the Yukan Liberation Forces
  8. Alex – CIA agent
  9. General Shephard – Higher up in Shadow Company
  10. Commander Philip Graves – Leader of Shadow Company
  11. Molina Roman NOA – Banker for Marov
  12. Nikolai – Driver for Task Force 141
  13. Yuri – Soviet spy working alongside Kate Lwell
  14. Dog – Riley’s dog

Kate Lwell returns to a role as Watcher 1, providing direction, oversight, and OverWatch for Task Force 141. Captain Price runs things in the field. Kyle Garrick, AKA Gaz, returns as an equal with the rest of the soldiers. Simon Ghost Riley retains his role as the soldier that Captain Price can trust. Soap McTavish returns in Modern Warfare 3, and we see the mission where they go into a trance and capture Vladimir mov.

Vladimir mov is the super evil villain that leads the way throughout the campaign of Modern Warfare 3. Farah Kim, the leader of the Yukan Liberation forces, returns in Modern Warfare 3, and we see a very similar story with her. Alex, the CIA agent, returns to the Uran missions alongside Farah.

General Shephard, higher up in Shadow company, returns in Modern Warfare 3 as a character who is almost in hiding but at the same time working behind the scenes with Shadow company. Commander Philip Graves, the leader of Shadow Company, returns to Modern Warfare 3 to provide support from Shadow Company with his snarky comments and very cocky attitude.

Molina Roman NOA, the real estate magnate providing PMCs to protect the area of Vondal, returns in Modern Warfare 3 as the banker for Marov. Nikolai, the driver for Task Force 141, returns in Modern Warfare 3, fixing up a helicopter and flying around members of Task Force 141 alongside Kate lwell. Yuri, the Soviet spy working alongside Kate lwell, returns in Modern Warfare 3.

Lastly, Riley, the dog from Call of Duty Ghost, returns in Modern Warfare 3 in a little bit of an Easter egg in the mission Trojan Horse. You can walk up to a dog and pet it, and it just so happens that that dog’s name is Riley.

In conclusion, the returning characters in Modern Warfare 3 add depth and continuity to the game’s story. The article provides a brief overview of each character’s backstory and role in the game.

To participate in the story successfully, we need a powerful character. In this game, we can use Modern Warfare 3 boosting to upgrade our character and unlock some powerful guns quickly. Once we complete the character upgrade, we will be able to take part in the fierce battles in the game.