What Has Been Your Favorite League To Date In PoE

In Path of Exile, what is your favourite leagues? Personally, I like Harbinger, its the only time I’ve ever been able to sustain running endgame. I killed more shaper guardians and shaper during that league than every other league combined since their release, and farming hard bosses is my favorite thing.

Path of Exile

Take a look at the players’ favorite league types:

1. Abyss

“Because it was the first league where I really managed to make a ton of currency from playing consistently and fully understanding the game, and it was the first time I killed shaper. Also I love abyss jewels and the league uniques were all super fun.”

2. Perandus

“I think it’s fun to have that chance of getting a cheap T1 unique. I got 2 Shavs during it and was able to fund some gear.”

3. Legacy

“Legacy is the obvious answer for pretty much anyone that played it. If I had to pick something else, Perandus was a great power trip that lead to an explosion of creativity and build diversity. But the former stayed and the latter didn’t. Breach and Anarchy are personal favorites of mine as well.”

“Legacy, by far. It gave me access to every league and I could choose which ones to put together. Sure the leaguestones were a bit management intensive but the fun I had was infinite.”

4. Harbinger

“I’ve been playing since 2014 and my selection of Harbinger as 1 was because it was the first league ever that let me sustain and develop a map pool to get me up to T16 Guardian maps and then Shaper – then keep those end-game maps sustained and able to farm them.”

5. Breach

“But not because of lootsplosions, which there were many, but because that was the greatest interest my guild had and we were super active every night. Everyone had sweet gear and builds and it was just good fun.”

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The Most Wanted PoE Vaal Skills For Players

In Path of Exile, I’d like to see vaal orb of storms, the vaal skill will interact with power charges in some way, maybe expending power charges for extra damage when you use a lightning skill near your vaal orb. Any other skills that could be interesting? Let’s take a look at the thoughts of collectors of chaos orbs poe:

1. New skeleton modifying uniques

“I’d like it if they added some new skeleton modifying uniques (like how dead reckoning gives mages), so you’d get a ranger one and then a super melee one and made vaal summon skeletons run off of those when summoning skeletons rather than changing what all it summons via levels.”

Path of Exile

2. Vaal Summon Zombie

“Summons either a gigantic, enraged Zombie or a random beyond boss. Or maybe even Hillock. Consumes corpses in a targeted area, the more corpses it consumed the more life/damage it has. At the end of the duration it explodes dealing a portion of it’s maximum life as fire damage.”

3. Vaal warcry

“I’d like to see some kind of Vaal warcry, Abyssal seems like the most thematic fit but Rallying could be interesting. Vaal Abyssal Cry would inflict a large chaos DoT, and the explosion when the enemy dies would be scaled up to 25%. And the base radius would be increased to 40.”

4. Vaal scorching ray

“Basically a shaper beam that instantly stacks all 8 debuff stacks and deals increased damage (~15% more than the regular scorching ray). The duration is infinite and lasts until you stop channeling. Soul generation would be disabled while the beam is active.”

5. Vaal Wildstrike

“Cast a random cold, fire, or lightning spell each time you hit with wild strike. The level of the spells cast is the same as this gems level. Spells cast by this skill are unaffected by Spell Damage and cannot crit. Buff last 4 seconds.”

“So it would act as a buff to your normal wild strike. Considering the new changes combine the two skills together in one gem, this makes it possible for it to be a special buff rather than it’s own attack. Spells cast would be actual non-channeling spell skills. So in 5 hits you might cast magma orb, ethereal knives, discharge, ball lightning, and glacial cascade for example.”

What’s your opinion?