ESO: Why The Game Worth The Best MMO

As The Elder Scrolls Online become the best MMO game, it has now sold over 8.5 million copies according to a press event with game director Matt Firor. So what makes ESO the best game?


It’s The Most Beautiful MMO The game has great visual enjoyment. Visually the game is stunning, filled with moments that require you to admire the scenery. The world feels unquestionably real and grounded with solid voice actors, animations and overall design. This is a destination game, a world utterly unique and getting more deep with every update. Now with the ability to buy your homes and craft your own furniture, Elder Scrolls Online has some great crafting depth as well. Players Can Go Anywhere At All Time Elder Scrolls Online once had level-based zones which caused some quests to be nearly worthless for experience and boringly easy if you wander outside of your level bubble. It also meant that you got your butt handed to you if you go too far, too soon. Now ESO scales to your character, so nothing is preventing you from riding out and exploring at your whim. This also means that you can play the game with anyone regardless of level, which frees up friends and couples to game together more often. ESO Is A Game On The Rise ESO is a game on the rise. The game update Morrowind in June which include a PvP battlegrounds, the Warden class, the special Vvardenfell Island. Elder Scrolls Online has proven itself to have a real future as it has monthly improvements that listening from community feedback. This fantasy MMORPG worth it. Want more ESO news and guides? Stay tuned at

ESO Homestead Guide Of Furnishing Crafting System

As the Homestead in The Elder Scrolls Online is available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, owning a house in ESO is no long a dream. Furnishing Crafting is a great way to acquire new decorations to place in your home. You can get Tables, chairs, lanterns, treasure chests, coffins and even thrones by this useful feature. So, after choose your house, how to decorate and place furnitures in your own home? Here we’ll talk about the furnishing crafting system in Homestead.


According to the official note, Furnishing Crafting allows our players to craft furniture to place in their home, or to sell to other players for a profit. Furnishing Crafting is an extension of the six primary tradeskills: Blacksmithing, Clothier, Woodworking, Enchanting, Alchemy, and Provisioning. It’s easy to get started as some furnishings can be made with the most fundamental skills.

The work station of crafting is rather casual. You can craft furnishings at any crafting station. You’ll find a new tab for Furnishing plans related to that station’s tradeskill when you use it. The furnishing plans can be found stashed in buildings, backpacks, or within pockets of NPCs throughout the world. You can even find some in ruins or dungeons. Each tradeskill use various conventional materials for Furnishing Crafting. Let’s have a look at the names for plans within each tradeskill and what materials does each tradeskill use for Furnishing Crafting:

Tradeskill             Furnishing Plan            Materials

Blacksmithing           Diagrams              Regulus
Woodworking            Blueprints          Heartwood
Clothier                       Patterns                Bast and Clean Pelts
Provisioning               Designs               Decorative Wax
Enchanting                  Praxes               Mundane Runes
Alchemy                      Formulae              Alchemical Resin

It’s also worth it to note that there are some cool items available via Furnishing Crafting. For instance, players can craft enchanted humanoid Target Skeletons to practice your combat abilities and check your damage potential. Apart from decorating your own home and using skeletons to fight, players can trade the furnitures they craft with other players. Which type of furniture would you like to crafting? Check out the details and pick a Furnishing Plan you prefer.

TESO Trailer: Protect Morrowind From Destruction

The first trailer of Morrowind is coming! As Morrowind will be available in June 11th, the new content of ESO is ultimately stormed the gaming world in terms of early news.

In the gameplay trailer of Morrowind, Tamriel appeal our players taking up arms and rallying allies to protect Morrowind from destruction. Players need to race to unravel the mystery of demi-god Vivec’s waning power and save the people of Vvardenfell will take you from the port town of Seyda Neen to the cantons of Vivec City and beyond. It’s time to return to Morrowind and enjoy the thrilling adventure! Being a hero and save Morrowind in this time of crisis.

ESO: Vvardenfell Flora and Fauna Of Morrowind

More details have come to the new Chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online, Morrowind. This new expansion allows players to experience new 4v4v4, small-scale PvP mode and new Battlegrounds. Yesterday, ESO revealed a brand-new landscape in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. Here we’ll post a brief introduction of vastly diverse creatures and environments you’ll encounter here.


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As an important content of Morrowind, Vvardenfell has some wondrous creatures and dramatic environments that are different to anywhere else in Tamriel after unbelievable changes of the natural environment.

Vvardenfell Flora and Fauna

The Vvardenfell landscape was formed by the natural evolution of volcanic eruptions. The deciduous woodlands and mushroom jungles were destroyed by lava flows from Red Mountain, eruptions and ash-fall after the disaster. A diverse set of biomes, new plants and fungi emerged from the rich soil fertilized by volcanic activity amongst the formations of igneous rock while ancient civilizations has been ruined. It’s a constant cycle of death and rebirth.

The large Ink-Cap Mushrooms along the Bitter Coast, smaller fungus varieties that cover the rocks, trees and even some animals and fungus-encrusted Shroom Beetle can be seen everywhere.

There’re even some areas that fullfill with remarkable number of species, like Balmora, the forest in the southwest and inland from the Bitter Coast.

The barren Ashlands host Ash Hoppers which can skitter through the dry ash dunes and giant Xylaria fungi extend their tendrils into the sky. Travelers should be careful of the hungry reptilian Cliff Striders who lurk atop the crags.

Fetcherflies build their hives where they can tap volcanic heat to gestate their eggs. When they hatch, the queen taps a source of magma to animate the nest, and it transforms into a walking Hive Golem that relocates the swarm to new surroundings.

The Grazelands in the northeastern part of the island features Nix-Oxen who generally considered to be mild-mannered will not hesitate to defend their territory.

The guardians of Ancestral Tombs, the powerful Daedra known as Hunger can be summoned from latent state to fulfill their responsibilities.

Apart from these dangerous guys, two-legged Vvardvarks are popular as some people keep these delightful creatures as pets despiting the smell. You can feed on small bugs grasses.

The largest mushrooms in Morrowind appear in Zafirbel Bay. This majestic species is cultivated by Telvanni wizards and take a wizard’s lifetime (a thousand years) to grow. These fungus forests even have a special ecology of their own.

Being one of the four major events coming to Elder Scrolls Online this year, Morrowind will release more contents soon. Stay tuned at for more news and guides.