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Reflection perfection in The Elder Scrolls Online


“Take a picture of a picture in an MMO,” I said to you guys a couple of weeks ago, and darn it if you awesome folks didn’t come through! We have two entries from that screenshot challenge this week, starting with reader Chiara taking a look at her good looks in Lord of the Rings Online.

“One of the things that impressed me the most when Riders of Rohan launched was the furniture,” Chiara wrote. “I spent the whole day breaking into NPCs’ houses uninvited (they weren’t amused). The first time I saw a mirror, I squealed.”

I’m squealing right now myself, but that’s mostly because a mouse just ran across the ceiling tiles. I need to throw a cat up between the floors one of these days to solve that problem. Anyway, let’s take a gander at the other great entires from players’ screenshot folders!

Blade and Soul continues to demonstrate how there is no shortage of incredible-looking MMOs being made in Korea. This shot comes from reader Dibbs, who appreciates the option not to look completely perfect.

“Here is my Jin Assassin taking a moment to take in the wonderful view before killing everything, again,” Dibbs said. “She is probably the only female character that has a scar on the left side of her face. Who says women can’t look amazing with scars?”

Will we ever see this game over here? No? Well, OK then.

Here’s another picture-of-a-picture, this one from reader Vestus: “Hi! This weekend I returned toNeverwinter after around seven months away in an effort to combat the World of Warcraft pre-expansion doldrums. I made a hunter ranger, fun class. In answer to this week’s request for screenshots, I submit this one from the Orc Barracks in the Temple District zone. Everything in the Barracks is trashed or on fire, yet this single painting appears to be untouched. Why?”

Because it’s magic, that’s why. A wizard did it. Any other questions?

Our characters should really thank us for taking them on a non-stop tour of the most impressive sights of the world. You know they’d be total couch potatoes that never left the house if we didn’t make them. Too bad someone doesn’t do that for us?

Reader John shared this vista: “Here is Kulono, who is still only level 8 in Elder Scrolls Online. He’s leveling very slowly because he keeps stopping to read books and admire sunsets on a regular schedule. The joys of living in Tamriel.”

Our screenshot challenge of the week is to dance, dance, dance… and take a picture of your character getting funky with his or her old bad self!

The Elder Scrolls Online crafting system

The Elder Scrolls Online is easily the most anticipated new MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) in recent memory, and its developer ZeniMax Media is trying to create something a bit different than the cookie-cutter Everquest clones and World of Warcraft impersonators that have come before. One of the ways they’re attempting this is in the game’s crafting system and economy.

eso crafting system

Like in other online RPGs, players can both find materials they need for crafting scattered about the world and purchase them from vendors. The system is much more complex, however, with ten different styles (one for each of the game’s races) and a wide variety of “traits” that can be given to an item. Traits are learned by deconstructing items the player finds or buys through the “research” system, and can immensely increase a given item’s value and usefulness. Keep in mind, though, that to research a trait requires hours of real time, though you can wander off and do other things while the progress bar crawls toward completion. The system is also much more flexible than in other games, allowing for items to be created along a sliding scale of levels.

Elder Scrolls Online’s crafting system also tosses out many of the restrictions put on crafting in other games, and adds in some new opportunities- and opportunity costs. A character can use skill points to grant highly useful perks in a crafting skill, though this must be balanced with other skills.

It’s possible to trade the fruits of your labor, of course, and instead of a global Auction House as seen in so many other titles, trading is done through Guild Stores, so gaining membership in a guild with a lot of skilled crafters will no doubt become high priority for a lot of players. Crafted items in this game have the potential to surpass even the items gained by defeating powerful and difficult monsters in the game’s dungeons and other end-game content, so being able to craft at the very highest levels offers serious opportunity both for turning a profit and for helping out your friends and guildmates.

Those looking for tips on best utilizing the crafting system to their advantage should remember to keep on researching traits, spend some time off the beaten path to gather materials, and consider investing skill points for perks like hirelings that make materials available daily or boost your crafting output.

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Testing addons in The Elder Scrolls Online

Gratuitous cleavage shot

My adventure in The Elder Scrolls Online continues this week with my Nightblade Fa’saad making his way through Stonefalls for the Ebonheart Pact. As the format of Choose My Adventure has changed slightly, the polls from the first two articles mold my journey through the rest of the month. At the end of it all, I’ll give my summary impressions and tips I learned along the way.

This week it’s all about addons as I tried out a dozen or so to report back on my favorites. Addons can aid your gameplay in so many different ways, from stat counters to UI mods to quality of (virtual) life improvements, but they’re not for everyone. I’m not usually an addon fan because I think they verge on cheating in a way, so I’ve approached these addons from the perspective of a skeptic. Did they really help my game? Will I continue to use them?

First off, I’d like to talk a bit about my progression. The game was down several times during my regular play time, so I didn’t get to do as much as I’d have liked, but I did find out what the holy grail at level 10 was. It’s that really amazing storyline interlude that happens when you ding 10, right? Wait, no, it’s the availability of PvP! Hmmm, I’m not sure exactly, but I do plan to venture into PvP at some point next week.

Elder Scrolls Online

One thing I’ve learned is to stop trying to do everything at once with crafting, gathering, weapon skills, etc. This is something I always learn (the hard way) at this point in every MMO but forget because I want to do all the things. I’ve decided to focus on Medium Armor for the bonuses and dual wielding for my weapon. I also decided to expand a bit out from Siphoning to throw in that one Shadow skill (Dark Cloak) and grab both Killer’s Blade and Teleport Strike from the Assassination line. Don’t worry; I’m still focusing on Siphoning with Swallow Soul and Prolonged Suffering, and my Ultimate Ability is currently Soul Shred.

My inventory is thanking me for giving up on trying to collect as much as possible as I’m focusing entirely on Clothing. I’ve gained some points in other crafting lines due to deconstructing, but I’m not doing much else with them.

The Elder Scrolls Online

I definitely find myself exploring and smelling the roses more than in most other MMOs. I think this game was designed for that, especially considering the vast lore. But you are rewarded for stepping off the beaten path and checking out what’s behind that big rock over there. If you find yourself lacking quests while following the regular storyline, head out to the corners of your map. You’ll have more than you need.

The lack of an auction house has been a hot topic from the beginning, but it doesn’t bother me too much — except for the spam. It actually reminds me a lot of the original Guild Wars. There are pros and cons to doing things this way, but the biggest plus is the fact that it’s bringing people together for more personal interaction. Sure, it’s not quick or efficient, but it’s more immersive.

As promised, I tried out a few addons to see what best suited my playstyle. I skipped all of the ones that put markers on maps because they either work or not, so there isn’t much else to say about those. I mean, I love HarvestMap and SkyShards for what they do, but there’s not much discussion there. This list isn’t necessarily a top list in any order, but it’s more of a report on a few of my favorites that I now use regularly.

Tactical Combat

Foundry Tactical Combat
This one is a necessity because it adds so much to the game that should’ve been there in the first place. You get more feedback on the damage you’re doing and what type of damage you’re doing as well as buff and debuff info. Sure, some might argue that it clutters up the screen with too much info, but what’s shown (and where it’s shown) is all customizable.


Mark your unwanted items as junk and they’re automatically sold the next time you talk to the merchant. How easy is that? There are other similar addons that do the same thing, but this one is my favorite so far. There’s even info in your chat window that tells you when something is put into your junk bag, and it’s all customizable.


I admit, I’m a bit of a stats freak, and this addon is a dream come true. Based on the original Xpview, MyXpview is a bit more refined with some slight ease-of-use tweaks. It will detail how long you’ve been in game for the current session, how much XP you’ve gained, your current XP gain rate per hour, approximate number of mobs left to kill, and time left at the current rate until you reach your next level. How cool is that?

Bank Stuffer

Bank Stuffer
Oh Bank Stuffer, where were you in my first three weeks with this game? Bank Stuffer will take the stackable items from your inventory and put them in your bank automatically when you talk to the banker. It will work only with items already in your bank, but it certainly makes life a lot easier and more organized. It especially helps when you can’t seem to stop opening crates and barrels and bags for the Provisioning goodies that add up and fill your bags completely, even though you’re not actually a Provisioner. OK, so I still do that.

Overall, I enjoy these addons but found so many that really weren’t for me. If you’re skeptical about add-ons, I invite you to head over to ESOUI and flip through the categories to see what might be best for you. Not all addons are quality, so make sure to heed the community’s advice and check out the most popular ones with ratings.

For next week, I’m going to dip my paws into PvP and give my final impressions of the game as I’ve been playing it. It will be my last week for this current CMA, but I plan to return in a few months to have you choose even more adventures for ole Fa’saad.

If you have any suggestions for other addons or just want to give me some PvP tips, make sure to include them in the comments below. I already have the next CMA game picked out and can’t wait to reveal that as well. Until next week!

The Elder Scrolls Online expounds on Craglorn’s 12-man trials


ZeniMax has just published a dev diary about the brand-new 12-player trials en route to The Elder Scrolls Online with its upcoming Craglorn patch. Trials, the studio stresses, are more than your average raid experience:

One of the first things you’ll notice about Trials is that they bring a new experience to ESO designed to test even the toughest veterans. You’ll need a group of 12 to take them on, but they’re not just dungeons that require a large group-we’re applying additional pressure. Your team will only have a limited number of resurrections available, and additional rewards will be granted to those who defeat the weekly challenge with one of the top times across the megaserver.

What makes 12 players the sweet spot for these encounters? ZeniMax hopes to downplay the organizational hassle of putting together groups, to telegraph fights without too much distraction, to keep them to about 90 minutes in length, and to appropriately rely on player skill rather than zerging. Another bonus raiders will welcome? No lockout timers!

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Which NPC is the most annoying in TESO?

ESO's Angier Stower

“Do you know the old saying? ‘Neither a borrower or a lender be?’ Rubbish! Without borrowers and lenders, how would we ever be able to buy or sell anything? But pardon me. Welcome to the bank of Daggerfall.”

So says one Angier Stower, clerk for Elder Scrolls Online’s aforementioned institution and quite possibly the most annoying NPC I’ve ever encountered. It’s not that she feels the need to justify her existence to me every time I need to use the bank, it’s that she just… keeps… talking. And talking. And talking. Going through that entire spiel in full voiceover mode every time I open the banking UI.

She’s so annoying that some enterprising soul has made a mod designed expressly to shut her the hell up! So thanks very much for that, Wobin. How about it, Massively readers? Who’s your pick for the most annoying NPC of all time?

You won’t believe what color this horse is


Let’s start our time together today by playing a game! The game is this: You have until you hit the “continue reading” button to figure out what color this horse (well, technically a unicorn) is. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

This picture comes from reader Becca: “Here is my EverQuest 2 Fury, Sarense, riding her mighty steed. I spent a few hours grinding out candy hearts to get this mount, which shoots hearts out of his eyes and hooves (unfortunately not captured here). He’s a hardcore stallion. Look at his cocky stare. He knows thatyou know he’s a badass.”

My apologies in advance for our colorblind readers who think that this game is unfair. I’ll tell you the answer to be fair: It’s purple. Shh! Don’t tell the rest of our readers, OK?

Have the collective wounds from Free Realms’ closing healed yet? I would be doubtful, especially in the case of reader Space Cobra. He sent in a portrait of one of the game’s unsung casualties.

“Here is the last day of roaming/swimming around on this character,” he wrote. “I had him since beta, and I even used the name ‘Space Cobra’ for beta, but when it went to live, there was a glitch that said the name was taken (by me, but I couldn’t delete the wiped beta character), so I just created this name. I scored the penguin-mask in a set of cards I acquired when SOE used to sell the physical card game in stores; this was done only in the first expansion or two, and then they decided to just sell digitally. Maybe that was a mistake in retrospect, although this was near the end of the card-game boom and people were tired of card games, but any marketing items are advertising!

“What was good about the mask was that it lasted a long time and it was easy to refresh. So in essence, I was always a small, baby penguin. I got lots of attention because the item was rare, although there was a shorter version. I think they made changes to the item and the game sorta treated it strangely near the end, but I could still get it to work. I will miss the mask and the game!”

The Elder Scrolls Online screenshot parade continues, this time from reader Will. He’s taking a break from the slaughter and in-game book reading to lay down a little classical jazz on us.

“While doing a bit of PvP, my buddy Rick and I decided that we we’re tired of getting to a keep, only to find that it had already been taken or lost,” Will said. “After looking around the map a bit, we realized there’s a bit of PvE content in our PvP soup and somehow managed to weasel ourselves behind enemy lines, winding up in Cheydinhal. After a bit of sneaking about the town, we set up shop, with a few other companions, atop a building and rained unholy fire, arrows, and life siphoning down on folks of the opposing factions as they went to turn in quests with only the warning of our lute to warn them of the impending bloodshed. Let it be known, you should never mess with a Minstrel.”

You know what’s tough? When you guys send me in a huge batch of excellent screenshots and go, “Pick one!” That’s my weekly Sophie’s Choice, right there. It’s terrible and it makes me break down crying each and every time. They’re just all so great! Don’t make me choose!

Reader Cim submitted several great Star Wars: The Old Republic screenies, but this one called to me. It looks so dang cool that I wish I could be there in person and then lean up against the glass to look down at the planet. Head rush!

Your screenshot challenge for the week is to take a picture of a sight, object, or even creature that you feel is unique to the entire MMO genre. What does your game have that others do not? Show us!

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