Minerva’s Sale 4 in Fallout 76: Your Ultimate Guide to Scoring Big Discounts

Minerva’s Sale 4 in Fallout 76 is an event that every Wastelander should mark on their calendar to buy Fallout 76 items. This Big Sale or Super Sale combines all the plans from her previous Sales 1, 2, and 3, offering players a rare opportunity to acquire a wide range of coveted plans at a discounted price. This massive inventory rotation happens about once a month, making it a must-attend event for players looking to enhance their gear and C.A.M.P. setups and buy Fallout 76 items.

When is Sale 4

Minerva’s Sale 4 is currently ongoing from Thursday, June 20th to Monday, June 24th, 2024. During this time, you can find Minerva stationed at the Whitespring Resort. Could you make sure to visit her before the sale ends to take full advantage of the available discounts?

What Plans are Available

Sale 4 includes every plan offered individually in Sales 1, 2, and 3. This means you can access a comprehensive selection of plans, including some highly sought-after items. Notable plans available during this sale include:

  • Secret Service Armor Pieces and Underarmor Lining Plans: Enhance your defense with these top-tier armor upgrades.
  • Strangler Heart Armor Plans: Acquire the plans for this unique and powerful armor set.
  • Gauss Minigun Mods: Upgrade your Gauss Minigun with these essential modifications.
  • Gauss Pistol Plan: Add this powerful weapon to your arsenal.
  • Chinese Stealth Armor Plans: Gain the ability to move stealthily with this advanced armor.
  • T-65 Power Armor Mods: Get mods like Medic Pump and Stealth Boy to improve your T-65 Power Armor.
  • Melee Weapon Plans: Obtain plans for weapons such as the War Glaive and Gauntlet.
  • C.A.M.P. Plans: Improve your base with items like the Chicken Coop and Farmable Dirt Tiles.

Essentially, Minerva’s Sale 4 is a one-stop shop to get rare bullion plans from the Settlers, Raiders, and Vault 79 vendors that you may have missed previously.

Why Buy During Sale 4

The key benefit of Minerva’s Sale 4 is that all items are sold at a 25% discount compared to regular gold bullion vendors. This makes it an excellent opportunity to stock up on coveted plans at a reduced cost. Whether you’re in need of the latest armor sets, weapon plans, or C.A.M.P. items, this sale provides an economical way to expand your collection and enhance your gameplay experience.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time event! Visit Minerva at the Whitespring Resort before June 24th to take advantage of her discounted offerings. This is your chance to score some of the best plans in Fallout 76 at unbeatable prices.

Make sure to check back regularly for future Minerva sales and stay ahead in the Wasteland by keeping your inventory updated with the best gear and plans available. Happy scavenging!