Wildstar Stalker Guides

Although you might not think it and because they’re capable of stealthing, the Stalker is an exceptional tank. Fortunately, if you just want to sneak up behind people and stab them in the back (for massive damage I might add) you can do just that. As with the Healing classes, there’s no need to specialise for tanking it’s simply an option. Stalkers rely on a Nano Suit to boost their damage, defense or evasion. Unlike traditional rogue-like classes, the Stalker spends a lot of time out of stealth and acts more like a Berserker than a typical perma-stealth class.

Wildstar Stalker

Capable of dealing massive single target damage
Able to stealth and bypass enemies and players
They make excellent tanks
Very easy to level in a PvE environment

Can struggle to stealth effectively in a PvP environment due to telegraphs
Relies on Nano Suit swapping to be fully effective
Is often seen as a solo class (despite it being an excellent tank)
Very popular

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