The Elder Scrolls Online – DLC Clockwork City Is Scheduled For October

The DLC Clockwork City for The Elder Scrolls Online now has a pricing and a release date: the new DLC for ESO will be released on October 23 for PC / Mac and November 7 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Clockwork City will be free for all members of ESO Plus and will be available for purchase at a price of 2,000 crowns through the Crown Store in play for all other players. The DLC Clockwork City is available to all players and does not require ESO: Morrowind.


In addition to the basic version of the game, which we provided our review, the Clockwork City Collector’s Bundle will also be available, including DLC game pack, the Clockwork Skeevaton pet, the Kagouti Fabricant mount and five Crown Experience Scrolls. Players will be able to purchase the Collector’s Bundle for 4,000 crowns through the Crown Store.

About Clockwork City

The DLC Clockwork City will bring Tamriel’s adventurers to a new area other than the one they encountered so far, the legendary Clockwork City of Sotha Sil, to investigate a new daedric threat. The DLC will offer about 10 hours of new stories about The Elder Scrolls world, as well as new structures, strange creatures and powerful hybrid monsters. In addition, players will face a new Trial, the Asylum Sanctorum, which will test their ability in 12-player groups. Finally, there will be new sets of armor, customizable items, creation themes and more.

Prologue Quest – Available Now

Players will have a preview of Clockwork City addressing a prologue quest, already available to everyone. In this mission, they will be investigating the murder of important diviners, scholars, and planar archaeologists, killed by their own shadows. Players will find a note titled “Order of the Eye Dispatch” on the tables of Tamriel’s Mages Guild headquarters. Reading this note, they will get the quest “Of Knives and Long Shadows”, which will guide them through this new adventure. Once completed, they will get the “Clockwork Obscuros” for their Collection UI.

The Elder Scrolls Online – Clockwork City (DLC): Dates And Prologue Quest

The Elder Scrolls Online gets the new DLC Clockwork City in October – at least for the PC. Also the release date for PS4 and Xbox One is fixed. But before the release you can play the new ESO-DLC in the Prologue quest.

Clockwork City will be the final DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online from the year 2017. It goes back to the mysterious clockwork city, which the dark-lord-god-king Sotha Sil once created in another dimension.

clock work city

The clockwork center was already part of the story of Morrowind. Soon this plot continues and the first prologue quest you can already play now.

Clockwork City – PC release still in October, PS4 and Xbox One coming in November

The release date for the last ESO DLC 2017 is:

  • Officially, Clockwork City will appear for the PC on 23 October 2017.
  • The consoles versions for PS4 and Xbox One come on the 7th of November.

But if you can not wait for such a long time, the Prologue Quest to the clockwork center can already play now and adjust itself optimally to the new region.

Just go to a magician guild of your choice and search for a “Order of the Eye Dispatch”. So you start the quest.

In Clockwork-City, the following features and new features await you:

  • A great new steampunk region in the Clockwork City, where everything is made of metal and oil
  • A continuation of the Morrowind story
  • New enemies, quests, mounts, pets and armor sets
  • A new city called Brass Fortress
  • A Transmutation system to redistribute items
  • A mini-Trial called “Asylum Sanctorium”, where you can either fight the final boss or weaken it by doing the two minibosses before.

What is the cost of ESO DLC Clockwork City?

As soon as Clockwork City appears, you can buy it as usual in the Crown Store in the game. The DLC costs as usual 2,000 crowns. In addition to the basic version, there is the Clockwork City Collector’s Bundle for 4,000 crowns. It also contains:

  • Clockwork Skeevaton pet
  • Kagouti Fabricant mount
  • Five Crown Experience Scrolls

Anyone who maintains an ESO Plus subscription has, as always, access to all DLCs, including Clockwork City, for the duration of subscriptions.

It’s worth joining ESO, thanks to the Morrowind chapter, it now has more than 10 million registered players.