Monopoly Go: 8 Best Tips For Getting Better

Monopoly Go might look simple, but it hides a level of complexity. So in this guide, we’ve outlined the best Monopoly Go tips and tricks to help players get more free rolls and resources and just play for longer. By the way, these tips come from U4gm, you can find more valuable tips here. Also, this is the best place to buy Monopoly Go Stickers, 100% legal while using code “Mods‘’ for an extra 5% off.

1) Check for Daily Free Dice Links

There are free Monopoly Go Dice links that are shared almost daily. It’s worth searching online to try to find these as often as possible because the codes provide more resources to keep players in Monopoly Go for much longer. The websites hosting these links change often, so it’s recommended that players find a few reliable ones to source links from.

2) Keep Friends That Won’t Bankrupt You

Inviting friends to play Monopoly Go is a great way to rack up free Dice. But keep friends that won’t bankrupt you – Players on your friend list will naturally target you and steal money through bank heists when landing on railroad spaces. Some players will steal frequently or have a high multiplier, so you may want to prune those particular players from your friends list if you see that their heists completely drain you of your money.

3) Make the most of Wheel boost/Sticker boom

A Sticker Boom Event is an in-game event in Monopoly GO that increases the Monopoly Go sticker counts for players when they open a sticker pack. Wheel Boost is an event where players can spin the color wheel twice at completed property sets’ hotels, increasing rewards like cash, dice, and sticker packs. Keep track of when these events will take place and play the game as much as possible, claiming all gifts and milestones possible while they are.

4) Keep an Eye Out for Free Parking Events

Want FREE Dice Rolls and money? Of course, you do! Join Free Parking Events! These special events happen every few days and all you have to do is play as usual. As you advance around the board, watch the free Rolls rack up as you land on different Tiles, but remember, you have to land on the Free Parking Tile to claim the FREE Rolls and money.

5) Don’t Forget to Claim Free Gifts

You can claim your Free Gift in the Store every 8 hours, such as dice, or even stickers if you’re lucky, so don’t forget to claim them! However, the timer for those free gifts won’t reset until players actually open the gifts, so they can cause themselves a major setback by holding those gifts for a rainy day. As every bit of currency helps, so holding onto a gift that might have some inside is madness.

6) Keep the Landmarks Page Empty

Don’t build any landmarks until you have enough money to complete the board (or several boards), as other players can pop in and demolish landmarks, which puts players back to square one. If you look at the price to upgrade the first landmark on the left and multiply it by 100, that will be the amount of money you need to complete the entire board. That’s why we suggest all players save up until they have the cash to build every landmark on a board or a few boards. This way, it doesn’t matter if someone else comes along and smashes as many as they can. There will always be some left. It gives players a leg up on the competition and can put them ahead in a way that most opponents won’t be able to come back from.

7) Get Involved With Sticker Trading Communities

Stickers are a fantastic collectible in Monopoly Go, and they help differentiate the gameplay somewhat for those jumping in daily. However, it’s tough to build up a collection over time due to the nature of how Monopoly Go is built. That’s why it’s important to get involved with a Sticker trading community early on. By trading Stickers with others, players can maximize their collection easily and make Monopoly Go a bit more fun for the time they spend with it.

8) Don’t Skip High Roller Events

High Roller boosts your dice and rewards multiplier to a maximum of x1,000. This increases both the potential gains and losses in Monopoly GO as a roll with a 1,000 multiplier can earn you thousands of tokens in one go if you hit the right spot. But a miss could mean losing all those dice without significant rewards. To maximize High Roller’s advantages, activate it during events and tournaments with diverse scoring squares, increasing your chances of landing on good tiles and reducing the risk of wasted rolls. Additionally, you can use the airplane mode trick to avoid losing dice on unsuccessful rolls.