Albion Online: The Hector Update – The Last Patch Before The Release

Albion Online, the Sandbox-MMO from Sandbox Interactive from Germany, will be released on 17 July 2017. To prepare the game for the new adventurers, the latest major update, Hector, was released. In addition to Outland revisions, this brings the Black Market and new Hellgates.


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As of July 17, 2017, “Welcome” will be available in Albion Online, as the Sandbox MMO will be published by the German developers of Sandbox Interactive. In order to prepare the game for all the adventurers who want to fight in Albion with mobs and militant teammates, the developers have released the final big patch. Hears the name “Hector” and brings some news to Albion. Caerleon is now home to the Black Market trader with a limited purchase volume. This means: How many items he buys depends on the total number of mobs killed in Albion. And the equipment he buys, in turn, lands with monster hordes and crates scattered throughout the country. This ensures that all items sold in Albion Online are still crafted by players.

In addition, Hector introduces new PvP Hellgates with a revised map layout, three levels of difficulty, and improvements to game mechanics. After the Galahad update, the Hector patch also includes further adjustments to the Outlands, where the minibosses stroll among the Albion heroes. All cities and harbors were removed from the black zones; Instead you will find a portal in Caerleon that will take you to different areas of the Outlands. For more details on the improved tutorial, visit our Albion Online news page.

Albion Online: The Outlands Are Redesigned

“Hector” is the latest update before the official release of “Albion Online”.

This update includes some improvements to the Outlands, the Sandbox-MMORPG. Robin Henkys, “Game Director” at Albion Online, explained in a video what changes are coming and what intentions are being pursued with them.

Caerleon As A Portal To The Outlands

The city of Caerleon, which is located in the center of the Royal Continent, will serve as the only access point to the Outlands. Via a single portal, the city is connected to different areas of the Outlands. The developers intend to end the existing states in the Outlands by this step. Ports and cities in the Outlands had become the home of territorial guilds and the banished player from the Royal Continent.

Resource Distribution And Other Changes

The distribution of resources in the outlands will be decisively changed by the update. All parts of the outlands receive equal amounts of resources. However, the “black zones” also receive a large number of enchanted raw materials. This change will make the outlands more attractive to gatherers. In addition, the watchtower territories in the Outlands are upgraded. After the update, only Tier 8 resources will be available there.

All ports and cities in the Outlands will disappear with the upcoming update. Players are therefore required to collect and store their items stored in banks and cityplots. Otherwise, these items will disappear with the update. Until June 7, 2017, the date the update appears, this must be done.