The Very Best 4.5 Star Teams From FIFA 15

FIFA 15 has been out for ages, we know. But it’s still getting played to death in living rooms and bedrooms all over the world, and rivalries between mates are still burning strong as we near the end of the game’s life cycle.


If you are still battling your mates regularly and often play without 5 star teams, or simply want to avoid the likes of Real Madrid and Bayern Munich in online seasons, we have identified the five best 4.5 star teams to use in FIFA 15, and the line-ups to ensure their effective usage.


If 4-2-3-1 is your favourite formation, you should look to use Bundesliga side VFL Wolfsburg. The key man here is without a doubt Kevin De Bruyne, as his 4 star skills, decent pace and strength, and ridiculous shooting and passing will see him as the focal point of every attack. Shurrle on the wing is a huge bonus, and Caligiuri is no slouch either. The two CDM’s are ferocious workers and you’ve got pace all along the back four. As solid as they come.

Atletico Madrid

Surprising that they are 4.5 stars after last year, but that’s not your fault. Going with Griezmann up top allows him to be more important in the match, and his pace compliments Mandzukic’s ridiculous heading stats. Every goal kick should be aimed at the Croatian striker, and Koke and Turan out wide should be firing crosses into him. Godin and Minanda at the back are rock solid.


If you don’t hate Liverpool then they are a decent option if you like the 3-5-2 formation as they have the perfect players for it. Balotelli needs to start for his FIFA ability, and Daniel Sturridge is one of the most effective strikers in the game. All of Coutinho, Sterling, and Lallana can sprint-dribble with devestating effect, and the back three have enough physicality to stand firm.

FC Porto

Porto are a hell of a lot of fun to use FIFA 15. 4-3-3 suits them best thanks to the pace of Brahimi and Tello, and Jackson Martinez is a beast, but if you prefer two strikers then Aboubakar is a serious handfull too. Quintero’s shooting is incredible, and there’s great balance in midfield with Herrera and Casmeiro sitting. The wing backs are lighting quick too.

AS Roma

Without a doubt the most devestating 4.5 star team to use are AS Roma. Look at that front three, an obnoxious amount of pace. Gervinho, Doumbia, and Ibarbo are uncatchable, so if you get a foot of space you are gone. No back four can cope with them. Behind the sweaty beasts up top you have Pjanic, Nainggolan, and De Rossi who work amazingly well as a three, and you have enough pace at the back to cope well, as long as your not playing Roma v Roma.

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New Year, More Ronaldo Return

Beijing time this morning, 17th round of La Liga begins 1-field clashat the Mestalla Stadium, Real Madrid away by reversing 1:2 defeat byValencia, ending official game 22-game winning streak.

The first 13 minutes, cross cross from the right flank Bell nodded theball hits the edge before negredo left arm penalty. Ronaldo fencingadvance the left corner, 1:0. The first 25 minutes, Bell’s offsidetrap, and the right-hand side to the outside of his left foot cross andRonaldo spots up through Diego Alves, small angle hit the Internet.

Che’s 52nd-minute equaliser. Barragan volley hit the edge of the areathat Pepe feet bounced into the net, 1:1. On 65 minutes, right cornerParejo, Otamendi breaks dot pitch 8 m before the head into the far corner, 2:1. Subsequently, while Ancelotti replaced Sami Khedira andHermann Hesse, replaced Hames-Rodriguez and Bell. On 85 minutes,Marcelo cross from the left, ISCO 7 metres in front headed by DiegoAlves subconsciously, Valencia finally 2:1.

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FIFA news:Bayern Brain Drop 10 Million Euro Top

Recently Germany the Bundesliga players voted for 2014 the transfermarketdecline in value list, Xabi Alonso to join Bayern this summerdespite the outstanding performance, but it’s still down 10 millioneuro decline topped the ranking, Hamburg midfielder Rafael van der Vaart and Valon Behrami down 8 million euro ranked tied for second.
Bayern Munich to put on an 11point lead over half the game, Alonsojoined from Real Madrid this summer and the club almost seamlessly, andhe soon became the absolute playmaker of the team, record the number ofpasses, made 15 appearances scoring 1 goal 2 assists, a 23foot keypasses.

Alonso entered the transfer market ranked the second half of theBundesliga team, highest rated the best defensive midfielder forBundesliga‘s official website at 61% the absolute advantage inelection. Howeverdespite Alonso so well, but after all, he was 33years old, worth 18 million euros at the beginning of the yeardownfrom the current 8 million euro, declining by as much as 10 millioneuros.

Top 3 Techniques to Build FUT 15 Hybrid Squad with High Chemistry


By definition, a hybrid team is a squad built with players of different leagues and nationalities. They are difficult to build and unless you already have some experience, you will spend lots of time and FIFA coins trying to make a hybrid squad with high chemistry. In this article we will try to help you with hybrid squads. We will share three tricks with you that will speed up the process.

Squad’s Split Technique
The hybrid squads are the most perfect. They allow us to go to other leagues and look for players to complete the positions we need. If built well, a hybrid team can join good chemistry via a bigger variety of quality players. Building a hybrid team with good chemistry may not be easy. This technique consists, if the formation allows us, in cutting the team in half. Each side is filled with players from one league or one nationality. That is enough to get high chemistry, because there will be no player with more than one dead link.

Key Players Technique
There are some formations that are more favourable for building a hybrid team with high chemistry. It’s the case of the 4-2-3-1 formation, for having two key elements that allows split the team in two. These players should have characteristics that connect well with any of the two parts. In that way, it is possible to do something similar to the Squad’s Split Technique but the formation doesn’t need to be divisible and without the chemistry problems of the players that make the connection between the two leagues and/or two nationalities.

Perfect Links Technique
The most experienced players can build a team that apparently presents just few things in common between the players. Unlike others, the perfect links technique is not based on a league or nationality but on hyper links. The same is to say that each player needs to be connected, at least, with a team mate from the same country and same club. For players with three or less connections, it is enough to get a strong link. The squads of this technique is the most fantastic since it is possible to have more than 6 leagues and nationalities in the same single team.