2014 Review Of Liverpool: Steven Gerrard Slipped And Lost The Crown

In 2014will soon be over, United Kingdomthe daily mail of thePremier League team in this year‘s performance is reviewed. WithLiverpool in 2014is somewhat low, Liverpool‘s goal in the first halffor the Premier League champions, but lastminute short. But thisseason‘s results have fallen sharply, currently only came in 8th placein the Premier League standings, even Champions League qualificationfor next season seemed out of reach.
Liverpool 2014 year in review
Gerrard fatal fall moments
Suarez left the Club Barcelona
Best manager in the Premier League last seasonRogers suffered an unprecedented crisis of confidence


Top Six Bundesliga Half Keyword Summary

The Bundesliga‘s second half officially ending into the long winterbreak. In the form of 26 keywords review the just-concluded two thousand fourteen-fifteenths takes you on a wonderful season Bundesligahalfway.

A-AsianPower (Asian powers)


B-Berlin blackstriker (Hertha Berlin black striker)


C-Choupo-Moting (Schalke striker ChoupaultMorting)


D-De Bruyne (Wolfsburg playmaker debulaonei)


E-Earphone (headphones)


F-Five (Bayern Munich‘s forward Quintet)


G-Goalkeeper (goalkeeper)


FIFA news:Bayern Brain Drop 10 Million Euro Top

Recently Germany the Bundesliga players voted for 2014 the transfermarketdecline in value list, Xabi Alonso to join Bayern this summerdespite the outstanding performance, but it’s still down 10 millioneuro decline topped the ranking, Hamburg midfielder Rafael van der Vaart and Valon Behrami down 8 million euro ranked tied for second.
Bayern Munich to put on an 11point lead over half the game, Alonsojoined from Real Madrid this summer and the club almost seamlessly, andhe soon became the absolute playmaker of the team, record the number ofpasses, made 15 appearances scoring 1 goal 2 assists, a 23foot keypasses.

Alonso entered the transfer market ranked the second half of theBundesliga team, highest rated the best defensive midfielder forBundesliga‘s official website at 61% the absolute advantage inelection. Howeverdespite Alonso so well, but after all, he was 33years old, worth 18 million euros at the beginning of the yeardownfrom the current 8 million euro, declining by as much as 10 millioneuros.

Christmas The Latest Investment Of FIFAut 15 – Your Unexpected Income

Merry Christmas! We can do our fist FIFA 15 investment at the beginning of 2015. Yesterday, EA announced the best player TOTW 15, so surprise, almost all players who mediocre and affordable you can use. OK, let’s check this week’s TOTW and how to choose investments.

David Silva, Lacazette, Griezmann, Naldo belong SIF card, Pedro, Vidal, Hamouma, Lopez are also the choose of regular players for IF Card. So this investment guide is mainly for EA ordinary players in this week.
The investment recommendation: SIF David Silva, SIF Griezmann, IF Vidal

SIF David Silva
The role of Silva is very wide that more like by Premier League players, meanwhile, he also can be well connected with the Spanish players, make him have a good chemical reaction number. The price of IF Silva on PC is around 700k before, now his market price is around 900K, if you do not buy him now, maybe you will cost 2000K to buy SIF Silva after the FIFA 15 Christmas activities to an end. So he would be a good investment, of course, you have to polish your eyes do not miss the IF 88 Silva in FUT 15 event this week.

SIF Griezmann
If you have SIF ST Ronaldo, Suarez, then you may not need him, but for ordinary players who no expensive Ronaldo, so they need SIF Griezmann. There is a need to have business opportunities. Griezmann can run can jump, good finishing ability and the heading ability is outstanding. Do you can buy Suarez, Ronaldo with 300K coins? SIF Griezmann > Suarez, his price also will be higher than the price of Suarez after this week.

These days of this week, players will begin a modest price according to X1 and PS4 Christmas events. Vidal would exceed the price of 500K until next week’s TOTW. Another if you have enough FIFA 15 Coins, please pay attention to the previous TOTW cards, some players will cut prices.

Enjoy Better FUT Mode with Cheap Coins

fifa tips

FUT Mode is really popular in FIFA 15 and we are here today to discuss some possible problems that we may concern with there, welcome to turn to us when you need FIFA Coins and other game related problems. We are here for your service in a 24 hour round every day.

How to get involved in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team?
Complete the following three steps and then you will get into FUT Mode.
1. Purchase a authorised edition of FIFA 15.
2. Choose “FUT Mode” in the menu and you will see detailed instructions there.
3. Set and create a security code.

How to loan players in FIFA 15 FUT Mode?
When you create a club in FIFA 15 the first time, you have the chance to choose to loan a player or not, other players will be unlocked in the catalogue of the club. You can see from the player card directly if you want to know how many games the loaned player can be in. the time of the loaning is different from players, it is determined by the value of the player.

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Make Your Protection Even Stronger for FIFA 15

fifa 15 tips

There are various defensive tactics that be used throughout fut coins. We’ve performed a lot of fifa 13 and FIFA 14 previously calendar year and that i have run into several protection procedures that gamers use on the web. Everyone has their own individual design of enjoy and use what protection tactic works greatest for them.

Just one critical factor is acquiring at the least four defenders;fifa ultimate team coins it might appear to be a foolish assistance but I’ve faced persons that are believe it’s a fantastic strategy to overload the offense mainly because they have very good offensive players at their disposal.

By splitting up the midfield you allow on your own to own a couple of far more defenders at your disposal.fifa 15 coins online Both of these mid-defenders provide you with the option to chase all around your opponents without getting rid of your past line of defense. Chasing opponents with all your true defenders could be pricey since for those who get overwhelmed by your opponent, there’s no person concerning your opponent as well as your goalie.

For making your protection even more powerful, your gameplay tactic has got to make the most of your defensive formation. I continue to keep repeating myself, but within this defensive tactic the two mid-defenders are very significant. Both of these defenders precisely engage in the center defensive mid place (CDM).

Another defensive system is the enjoying the off ball protection. The formation for this method can be just about anything providing you have got a least of 4 defenders. On this gameplay you will be leaving the on-ball defense to the computer system.

Timing is very important during this protection attack. Like I mentioned in advance of the buy fifa 15 coins computer protection is nice although not trusted. Therefore if you are taking also very long making an attempt to examine the defense or make your transfer the benefit of this protection goes away.

Methods to get fifa 15 coins

FIFA 15 is a video game, which is the edition of the Electronic Arts series of FIFA video games. Order making for the FIFA 15 Coins PS4 and Xbox 360 are started and it is expected to get much more popularity than the Fifa 15 Coins PC and Fifa 15 Coins IOS.

Here are two basic methods to get fifa 15 coins.
1.Resell Packs and Cards
A player’s assets are symbolized such as charge cards. The resources involve thing ofplayers and property, technical staff members etc. Like you need dollars to obtain these assets, you may resell these possessions to improve your balance of coins.

2.Buying and selling
The final technique to generate FIFA 15 coins inside the video game is through trading -trading real money for FIFA 15 coins. This is the easiest method to build an unbeatable squad, but should be done with a few precautions. There are several FIFA 15 coin vendors. You must choose a genuine a single. Choose how many coins you will need and buy at a risk-free value. Be sure to comprehensive the transaction safely.

This is the most straightforward existing methodology to manufacture an astounding squad you by and large wish for, yet this should be done with several protections for your security. There are numerous individuals offering FIFA 15 coins on account of the developing impact of this gaming. One has to be careful with transacting business with these sellers. Pick what number of coins you will need and battle over the web or on sources that you have, demand referrals, especially with the degree of expense.

FIFA 15 Guide: Detail analysis of team sheets and tactics

Team sheets are one of the new additions to FIFA 15, and offer a great way for players to tinker with line-ups even further and add new levels of customisation. Fans of management sims will feel right at home, except now you get to actually take advantage of your adjustments by playing out all the changes you make.

It’s important to understand how changes to team sheets affect performances on the pitch, so we’ve put together some tips to keep in mind when you start playing Mourinho with your teams.

Think about your formation
Everything you do with your team sheet will be dependant on your formation. Are you playing a narrow midfield? How many holding midfielders/strikers/centre backs are in the starting 11? Understanding your formation, and its strengths and weaknesses, will dictate the player instructions you use.That said, there are some general rules which you can adopt and take forward for any mode in the game.

Have several team sheets
Don’t have a single team sheet that you continue to change throughout the season. Have at least three, one of which (in Career Mode) dedicated to cup competitions, using your younger and reserve players. Also vary up the formation so you’re able to exploit opponent weaknesses.

Narrow midfield equals overlapping full backs

If you’re playing a midfield diamond or three which lacks width, then it’s vital to have your full backs overlap. This is great for opening up play and taking advantage of space left by defenders dragged inside by the midfield and forwards.

Wing backs will often press forward without any defender marking them, so the opportunity to get the ball high up the pitch and get an early cross or attack inside is ideal, especially if you have a striker who’s strong in the air.

Most teams attack with at least six players, but depending on the speed of your break, you can press with as many as seven or eight, so don’t worry if both full backs are pushing up the pitch, as you should still have your two centre halves and at least one midfielder back.

How to instruct two centre midfielders

If you have two centre midfielders (not central attacking, but centre or central defensive), it’s important to instruct only one of them to attack when you have possession and the other to stay back.

If both stay back, then you won’t have enough men forward to break down the defence, especially if they ‘park the bus’, and if both go forward, you’ll be exposed on the counter attack.

Keep in mind that these instructions apply to the position, not the individual player. That means that if you substitute a defensive-minded midfielder for an attacking one, he will still be under instruction to stay back when you’re attacking, and you’ll need to change this.

How to instruct strikers
If you’re playing with two strikers, have one of them drift wide, and the other “get in behind”, that way they won’t keep making the same runs on attack. Make sure it’s the smaller, weaker (aka faster) of the two strikers that’s moving wide while the big man stays central. For instance, Falcao will stay central for Man United while Rooney drifts wide.This will drag defenders out of position, leaving space for wide men who, if instructed to cut inside, will exploit.

Depending on if the winger is playing on the same side as their strong foot (left winger on left, for example), you’ll have to adjust your instructions of whether to cut inside or stay wide. Gareth Bale on the right wing is better served cutting inside and looking to shoot or making a through ball, while on the left he’s better attacking the wing and trying to cross.

Keep your attacking players forward
Don’t allow your strikers and attacking midfielders to work both forwards and backwards, they’ll be exhausted before half time. Make sure they stay forward when defending so they are able to attack with pace. A maximum of four players should stay forward when defending to make sure you’re not outnumbered.


It’ll take time to find the right combination of instructions, formation and personnel, so take your time adjusting and tweaking. Don’t be afraid to drop key players to fit your system.It’ll take time, but the payoff will be more than worth it.