You Can Get Free Flame Atronach Crown Crates In ESO Crown Store

The Flame Atronach Crown Crate season nears! Get a sneak peek of these upcoming ESO Crown Crates, and find out how you can score three free before they’re available.

Conjurers in The Elder Scrolls Online always impose desired shape on the Flame Atronach. “For centuries the conjurers’ standard spell for summoning Flame Atronachs has been Koron’s Peremptory Summons, which is easily modified to change both the duration of the summoned atronach’s binding and its form.”


Now from November 24 to November 26, players can get one free Flame Atronach Crown Crates as reward after logging into the game and defeating any enemy creature such as monsters, bosses, or even enemy NPCs each day. You will get all the three Flame Atronach Crown Crates on November 28.

“The Flame Atronach Crown Crates will be available for purchase from the in-game Crown Store on Tuesday, November 28. To open a purchased Crown Crate, simply navigate to the Crown Crates menu.”

In the Flame Atronach Crown Crate, you will be able to lock many new items, including mounts, pets, costumes, consumables, and more. You may discover:

Flame Atronach Horse, Flame Atronach Camel mounts, Flame Atronach Bear mount, Infernal Epidermis skin, Scorpion Fabricant and Mages Guild Sentry Cat pets.

In addition to the items above, you might also be fortunate enough to receive one of the following extremely rare mounts, only available in Flame Atronach Crown Crates:

Cold Flame Atronach Wolf, Night Frost Atronach Steed mounts, Shadow Atronach Senche mount.

Here some brand-new furnishings that show your devotion to the Orc-Father: Statue of Malacath, Orc-Father and Malacath Banner.

Bethesda Announced Two Extensions For The Elder Scrolls Online Game

Bethesda has announced the two extensions “Horns of the Reach” and “Clockwork City” for the online roll-up “The Elder Scrolls Online”. They appear this year and are already showing up in pictures.


Bethesda has announced new download extensions for “The Elder Scrolls Online” and the addon “The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind”. They are called “Horns of the Reach” (release in August 2017) and “Clockwork City” (release end of 2017).

“Horns of the Reach” introduces two new dungeons, including the Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold. In addition, “exciting content” is promised. The expansion also includes new items, monster masks, and achievements. You will be able to purchase “Horn of the Reach” as usual from the Crown Store in the game.


In the course of the release of “Horns of the Reach”, the basic game also receives a free update. It includes a new Battlegrounds (“Arcane University”), a new ruleset (“Chaos Ball”) and new homes, furnishings, cosmetics, crown boxes and holiday events. The update can also be used by players who do not own “Horns of the Reach”. For the battleground, however, “Morrowind” must be present.

“Clockwork City” once again says: “Explore more of Sotha Sil’s Clockwork City in this comprehensive new DLC player expansion for ESO. Daedric powers are once again at work – and your help is needed to avert disaster. With more than 10 hours of new content, Clockwork City will keep you busy at the end of the year – and you will also have some surprises waiting for you. For “Clockwork City”, the possession of “Morrowind” is not necessary.

The Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store Showcase On May

Its time to see new offerings that update in Crown Store on May. New costumes, Crafting, Mounts, Pets are available in this May Showcase. ESO also shows the removal of existing crown store items on June.


“Ever Damp” Reed-Fiber Kilt – Now you can avoid the embarrassing vexation of dry-scale thigh-chafing with the new “Ever Damp” kilt-of-reeds, available from leading designer Jaxa the Hermit in every Argonian’s favorite color: mud-brown! (Though of course you can dye them else-wise, O egg-sibling, should such be your whim.) The “Ever Damp” Reed-Fiber Kilt costume will be available on all platforms starting on May 4.


“Upriver” Striped Sash-Kilt – Be the best-dressed lizard in the xanmeer in this striped reed-fiber kilt with over-and-under shoulder sashes! Alternating panels of mud-brown and sandbar say loudly and proudly, “Do you wallow? Kaoc! So do I!” The “Upriver” Striped Sash-Kilt costume will be available on all platforms starting on May 4.


Marshlord Formal Bugshell Robes – For the Saxhleel who dares to scintillate, reclusive genius Jaxa the Hermit presents this season’s must-have formal-wear, the multi-layered Marshlord robe set, sewn with the shiny shells of thousands of tiny swamp insects. Majestic! The Marshlord Formal Bugshell Robes costume will be available on all platforms starting on May 18.


Wayrest Suede Doublet Ensemble – “There’s no reason why everyday wear has to look frumpy!” says Lady Eloisse, Couturier of House Manteau. “A man likes to look good when he’s at his trade, and what looks better than a sharp suede doublet over fitted velveteen breeches?” The Wayrest Suede Doublet Ensemble costume will be available on all platforms starting on May 18.



Crown Crafting Motif: Celestial – “Prepare thyself to adopt the divine appearance of the Constellations Incarnate! As above, so below: this was ever our creed. And thus, O Celestial below, to craft thy arms and armor, thou shalt follow this guidance and these models. Grasp this motif quickly, while ye may. So saith the Guardian of Stars!” The Celestial crafting motif will be available on all platforms for a limited time from May 11 to May 15.



Hearthfire Kagouti – The Hearthfire Kagouti appears to be a sort of magical hybrid, a wizard’s experimental melding of a carnivorous reptile and a flame atronach. Not exactly subtle, this is definitely a mount for someone who wants to make an impression! The Hearthfire Kagouti mount will be available on all platforms for a limited time from May 25 to June 12.



Craglorn Welwa – “‘Cute’? What use have I for ‘cute’? I am Undaunted—give me a monster!” Credit for the irresponsible and foolhardy project of domesticating the Craglorn Welwa is usually claimed by the Iron Orcs, who were looking for ways to prove they’re “more bad-tusk” than the Orcs of Wrothgar or Skyrim. The Craglorn Welwa pet will be available on all platforms starting on May 4.


Some Items Will Be Removed From Crown Store

A rotation of items offered in the Crown Store is done once a month. New items appear while others are retired. Some costumes and pets will be removed from the store on all platforms on June 3 at 10:00 AM EDT.


  • Cyrod Gentry’s Town Gown
  • Cyrod Patrician Formal Gown
  • Off-the-Shoulder Evening Dress
  • Draugr Polymorph


  • Alik’r Dune Hound
  • Freckled Guar Pet
  • Pocket Mammoth

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