The Elder Scrolls Online – Influential Organizations Of Vvardenfell

Vvardenfell is a dangerous place for all Outlanders, and if you are not careful in your relations with the powerful Houses and organizations that control the island, you are in for trouble.

House Redoran

House Redoran controls Vivec City (along with the Tribunal Temple) and most of the south and south-west coast of the island. The righteous and noble House Redoran has a strong business relationship with the Temple and Archcanon Tarvus, and the Redorans are very serious about duty towards the House, religion and family. Redorans are supporters of the Ebonheart Pact, and their military forces play an important role in the Alliance War. Purposeful and brave redorans consider themselves above other Great Houses. Members of the House Redoran can be recognized by the red color and the scarab symbol.

Telvanni House

The mysterious Telvanni House, based in Sadrith Mora, controls the eastern shore of Vvardenfell and lives in voluntary isolation from most other Dark Elves. The leaders of the House dwelling in huge mushroom towers work diligently to perfect the magical arts. Those who refused to join the Ebonheart Pact of Telvanni are suspicious and xenophobic towards outsiders (even by the standards of the Dark Elves) and continue to own slaves despite the Pact, and therefore are under the scrutiny of other Houses. For Telvani, power is the ultimate goal, and they respect only those who in any way proved their superiority. Ambitionous, insidious and aggressive Telvanni represent a dangerous and at the same time a mysterious House. The members of the House Telvanni can be recognized by a brown color and a symbol with spiral energy flows.

House Hlaalu

The cosmopolitan House Hlaalu controls Seyda Neen, but House members can be found in most of the cities of Vvardenfell, more precisely, in their markets and in meeting rooms. Members of House Hlaalu like to negotiate, make deals and save a fortune, and most are more than willing to compromise for the sake of conflict resolution. On the other hand, the love of Hlaalu House members for cultural achievements and city life has created them a reputation (perhaps incorrect) of corrupt and greedy bureaucrats. Be that as it may, House Hlaalu supports the Ebonhart Pact and has the respect of the Tribunal Temple. The members of the House Hlaalu can be recognized by the yellow color and the scales symbol.

The Ordinators

The holy warriors of the Tribunal Temple of the four orders of Temple Ordinators defend the interests and possessions of the Living Gods on and beyond Vvardenfell. Each order has its own special role in the organization: the Order of War fights against the enemies of the Temple, the Order of Inquisition searches for heresy among the priests and lay people, the Order of the Watch guards temples and sanctuaries, and the Order of Doctrine and Ordination are militant scientists. Most of the Ordinators are recruited from the House Indoril, but in their ranks there are members of all Great Houses. Ordinators can be recognized by their distinctive golden armor and face masks.

Morag Tong

Morag Tong is an ancient and deadly guild of assassins, carrying out legalized orders for murder throughout Morrowind. The organization performs an important function within the society of the Dark Elves, since their legally sanctioned Writs of Execution can avoid massive bloodshed between rival Great Houses. First, these orders are carefully considered by the Grandmaster of the guild, and after his approval they are executed fanatically and ruthlessly. When the writ is executed, the Morag Tong assassin appears to others and demonstrates the contract to confirm the lawfulness of the murder and avoid reprisals against himself. With rare exceptions, the organization seldom conducts business outside Morrowind, but in the Dark Elf homeland, there is no corner where the guild of Morag Tong could not penetrate. If you are at the sight of Morag Tong, be sure that you will be finished quickly, inexorably and absolutely legitimately.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Video – The Living God Vivec

The next video of the expansion “The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind” is on the program. It is about the living God Vivec.

Bethesda has released a new trailer for the expansion “The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind” which deals with the living God Vivec. It is said, “In our latest video series, Naryu Virian, the Morag Tong Assassin, will take you on a journey of exploration on land and people on Vvardenfell, the site of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind figures throughout Morrowind: Vivec, the living God. ”

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New Video To ESO: Morrowind – Naryu’s Guide To The Wardens

The release of “The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind” is getting closer and Bethesda shows another trailer with Assassin Naryu Virian.

Bethesda has released a new trailer for the expansion “The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind”. “In our latest video series, Naryu Virian, the Morag Tong Assassin, will take you on a voyage of discovery on land and people on Vvardenfell, the site of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind In this video, Naryu Tamriel’s Wardens are on the trail, exploring why these mysterious preservers of nature are such excellent allies.”

The “Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind” add-on will be released on June 6, 2017 for the PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with the basic game already included.

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ESO: Morrowind – Introduction To The Three Great Houses

Employees of Bethesda and the assassin of the guild of Morag Tong – Naryu Virian, continue to introduce players to the addition of Morrowind for the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online. And this time you will have to get acquainted with the three Great Houses (ruling on Vvardenfell) – Hlaalu, Redoran and Telvanni.

Members of the House of Redoran are adherents of the traditions of fulfilling obligations and piety towards both the family and their clan. And they believe that they are the ones who control everything in Vvardenfell.

The main concern of Hlaalu is business and profit. Members of this House are crafty traders who are able to negotiate with any buyer with profit. They are also excellent masters of stealth, theft, blackmail and blows in the back.

House Telvanni consists of ambitious and arrogant magicians, who do not disdain to eliminate their competitors with rather cruel methods. And members of this House have a disdainful attitude towards human life.

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ESO Morrowind: A Series Of Videos With Naryu

While Morrowind arrives in a month, Naryu, Dunmer of the Morag Tong that we will accompany in this Chapter, decided to present us different Vvardenfell highlights in a series of videos.

Two videos have been posted so far, the first showing the city of Vivec, and the second the Dwarven Ruins dotting the island.

Naryu’s Guide To Vivec City

Naryu’s Guide To Dwarven Ruins

A video was also released on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind in which we can hear players telling us what the game was for them and their expectations for the release of TESO: Morrowind.

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ESO: Morrowind – How The Warden Wallpaper Is Created

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind released new wallpaper of the Warden class now! You can not only download the cool Morrowind illustration, but grab more details on how the Senior Concept Artists, Lucas Slominski craft the new piece.

To highlight the signature characteristics of the Warden class, Slominski designed a combat scene as well as the inclusion of the Warden’s Feral Guardian ultimate in the Warden illustration. Because the Vvardenfell island is a place of constant destruction and rebirth, which symbolically mirrors both the aggressive and restorative aspects of the Warden’s Skill Lines, the designer depict a standoff between two Dunmer Wardens and a group of Cliff Striders, with the Red Mountain looming in the background.


Interestingly, all the characters are firstly designed as semi-naked bald dudes and then they had various races of Tamriel and the specific armor sets. To upgrade the quality of the final painting, they gathering Pinterest boards, photos they shoot and models as references.

There are also exist some challenges in the process, like how to paint the spectral magic effects for the Wardens’ spellcasting, difficulties in painting convincingly bonemold armor, taking a crack at the Dunmer facial physiognomy and adding the spittle flying off the bear’s mouth. In addition, Slominski was satisfied with the touch of adding saliva.


To finish the work, Slominski worked on a Wacom Cintiq 22HD, doing the sketching and painting exclusively in Photoshop and using Maya to build a rough 3D scene for perspective reference. He even took some photos by GoPro camera as references.

The whole process took up to about eight weeks with a high pixel resolution. Although the changes in art direction or marketing focus may make the painting process longer, Slominski really appreciate about their approach at ZOS is that everyone is committed to delivering art at the highest possible quality.

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ESO: Morrowind – Naryu’s Perspective To Vivec City

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind released the first video for Vivec City! In the first video of the Dark Elf homeland, we can see the people and places of Morrowind. The trailer not only shows the local conditions of the homeland, but also reveals the Morag Tong assassin Naryu Virian’s perspective to Vvardenfell.

Naryu’s Guide to Vivec City

Plus, the official site of the game will post a new video which featured another aspect of the Dark Elf homeland per week. That means, we can grab more details on Vvardenfell until experiencing new adventures in Morrowind on June 6.

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