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Workshop Wednesday is a thread aimed at all things crafting, from sharing tips and knowledge, providing assistance, or offering crafting services to others.

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Crafting is a deep system in The Elder Scrolls Online with multiple professions, so be sure to participate in the thread whether you’re a crafting novice or a master at sweetroll baking.

Please keep in mind the “no personal attacks” rule in our sidebar, disagree respectfully with others, and know that a repeated or seemingly obvious bit of knowledge may not be obvious to everyone.

In addition, please be careful about posting in-game information about your account name/characters for conducting crafting business. We recommend contact information be shared privately to keep your account secure.

We look forward to your contributions!

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Massively’s Elder Scrolls launch diary: Day three – Questing, story, and more

ESO Betnikh ship

I’m just about to level 10 as the sun sets on day three of my Elder Scrolls Online pre-launch experience. After plenty of decisional paralysis on Sunday, I settled on a Redguard Nightblade and spent Monday and Tuesday leveling him through Stros M’kai, Betnikh, and the city of Daggerfall.

Now I’m working my way northeast through the wilds of Glenumbra, stopping occasionally to assist the citizens of Deleyn’s Mill and clean up the Vale of the Guardians.
ESO bridge

MMO story
There’s a lot of solo quest content in ESO’s early Daggerfall Covenant levels, and I haven’t even bothered with the main story quest as of yet. Well, technically I have, but the level 3 quest in that line is buried underneath all the other errands on my Glenumbra to-do list, so whenever I can stop gawking at the sights, sounds, and resource nodes of Tamriel at some point, I’ll polish it off.

ESO Glenumbra map

The story’s not half bad if you’re into that sort of thing. I’m not, really, since I’m more of a sandbox fan, and in ESO’s case, a fan of wanderlust and random exploration. But the story looks to be competently handled. It’s fully voiced, of course, and there are some interesting wrinkles in terms of decisions that may affect my access to NPCs down the road.

For example, I chose to side with Betnikh’s Orc clan and destroy a troublesome artifact rather than turn it over to the Daggerfall Covenant, and while the tribe and its chieftain greatly appreciated it, the Covenant-sympathizing pirate captain who transported me to the island and farmed out her crew to serve as my quest-giving NPCs was none too happy with my decision.

She made noises about refusing to do business with me again, but thus far the moral choice hasn’t had any discernible gameplay consequences since the Orc chieftain forced her to sail with me again, anyway.

It’s a nice idea, though, branching story quests with gameplay consequences. BioWare shied away from meaningful choice in Star Wars: The Old Republic, so I’ll be interested to see if ZeniMax follows the same path with ESO’s narrative or if the devs had the time, resources, and inclination to actually implement consequential arcs in an MMORPG.

ESO crypt

Random fun stuff
Apart from questing and Glenumbra’s terrific production design (seriously, high fives and raises all around to the art team and whoever is responsible for those gorgeous god-rays-through-the-forest-canopy effects), a few other positives stood out on my third day. I love, love, looooove all the emotes in the game. The fact that ZeniMax included six different sitting animations, not counting /sitchair, is indicative of a game that at least acknowledges fringe groups like roleplayers and immersion junkies, even if it doesn’t build itself around them.

Public dungeon instances are a treat too, and the dev team has absolutely managed to capture that oh-cool feeling from the Elder Scrolls single-player series where you happen upon an unmarked labyrinth in the open world and discover a vast network of tunnels and crypts, all beautifully rendered, beautifully lit, and stocked with plenty of those addictive trunks, baskets, and bone piles that basically serve as a sort of kleptomaniac’s harvesting node.

ESO Wyrd women

Some negatives
Though I’m still having quite a good time with the game, I do have a couple of bones to pick, as it wouldn’t be much of a launch week diary if I spent it all telling you how The Elder Scrolls Online is a big fat fangasm from start to finish.

Let me start with ZeniMax’s decision to reveal player account handles to everyone on said player’s friend list. I wish I were joking here, but unfortunately the devs did fail IT Security 101, so if you’ve got a login handle that you’d just as soon keep private, well, don’t join a guild and don’t make friends!

I can’t for the life of me understand the logic behind this decision unless ZeniMax is hoping for a rash of account hackings so it can start selling you USB security keys in a few weeks. Gold spam is already prevalent in ESO’s zone chat, and making one half of a player’s login pair public is simply asinine with a capital-A.

To say nothing of the fact that now I have to buy a second account if I want some quality alone time with an alt apart from my guildies!

Sprechen sie Deutsch, ESO water spirit?

Quest bugs
Past Elder Scrolls games have been fairly notorious for their launch bugs, and while I’m still willing to callESO the smoothest pre-launch I’ve experienced in a number of years, it’s certainly not perfect. [Ed. note: OK, maybe it’s not all that smooth anymore due to the NA megaserver being offline for hours on April 2nd!] I’ve experienced no lag to speak of, but I’ve encountered a handful of iffy quests throughout my Tamrielian vacation.

I say iffy because I’m not sure whether they’re all bugged or just poorly designed. I found myself waiting around for what seems like an eternity for those infernal Bloodthorn Necromancers to spawn and deliver their motes. After that, I found myself waiting around for another eternity as the Seamount hunters I was supposed to duel stubbornly refused to regenerate their health bars after their encounter with the previous player.

And who could forget those Bloodthorn Assassins who have been refusing to spawn on that damn ship at the Daggerfall docks for several days now? Yesterday afternoon’s impromptu one-hour maintenance session fixed two of those quests, at least for me, but stuff like that does unfortunately have to go in the negatives column of a fair launch summary. Finally, come on guys, it’s 2014. Shouldn’t we be able to claim pre-order account rewards across our entire account without having to claim them on one character and then spend half an hour moving them around at the bank?

These are small nitpicks, to be sure, but I feel the need to point them out since, contrary to occasional commenter opinion, I am not on ZeniMax’s payroll and I can get away with saying, hey, fix this stuff!

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Massively’s Elder Scrolls launch week diary: Day one

Elder Scrolls Online skyshard

Like any proper Tamrielian title, The Elder Scrolls Online starts you off in chains. This isn’t the boat-bound incarceration of Morrowind, though, or the relative comfort of Oblivion’s initial Imperial lockup. This is the Wailing Prison, an otherworldly abyss stocked with iron maidens, soulless inmates, and a spectral Prophet who sounds a lot like Albus Dumbledore.

Don’t worry, though; ZeniMax didn’t blow its budget on Michael Gambon or the rest of ESO’s A-list voice cast. This is a fairly deep game, and it also does a surprisingly decent job of translating 20 years’ worth of single-player sandbox history into a mass market MMORPG.

Elder Scrolls Online merchant

Launch diary
Before I get more specific with my early release impressions, let me lay the groundwork for this week’s launch diary. This isn’t a review series, per se, and it’s certainly not a guide. It’s a snapshot of a particular play experience that may help you to decide whether or not ESO is worth your time. Or maybe you’ve already decided, but you’re stuck at work and feel like commenting. Either way.

It bears mentioning that I’m a fan of the franchise who started playing with Morrowind and who has sunk many hundreds of hours into that game and its two sequels. In other words, I want to like Elder Scrolls Online, and thus far ZeniMax is making that pretty painless.

Elder Scrolls Online elf guard

Familiar is the word that best describes the day one experience. And I don’t mean that I beta-tested the game or followed it much at all prior to yesterday’s early-morning server stampede. It still felt familiar, though, because ZeniMax aped Skyrim’s PC interface (get ready to love your ‘E’ and ‘Alt’ keys) and because that oh-so-brief snippet of Jeremy Soule’s famous franchise fanfare goes a long way toward setting my personal mood.

Character creation is, in a word, robust. It’s divided into four stages, the first one being your racial and faction choice. Depending on whether you select the Daggerfall Covenant, the Aldmeri Dominion, or the Ebonheart Pact faction — and depending on whether or not you purchased the Imperial edition of the game — you’ll find yourself selecting from one of the franchise’s nine traditional races (10 if you bought access to the Imperials).

Once that’s done, it’s on to a deceptively simple class selection screen. While you’re initially restricted to Dragonknight, Nightblade, Sorcerer, or Templar, trust me when I say that the game’s progression opens up substantially once you start playing.

The body and facial sections of character creation feature a lot of options, and it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find your twin running around Tamriel due to the sheer number of sliders and presets. Yes, you can have a beer belly on your Orc. Yes, you can roll a female avatar that would make Sir Mix-a-Lot proud, and no, you can’t make one of those tiny target PvP midgets or an Aion bobblehead doll with a ginormous hot pink afro. In other words, well done ZeniMax!

Elder Scrolls Online Daggerfall

Baby steps
Combat is also familiar, at least at first. You’ll need to aim at your foes and fire off ranged and melee attacks with your left mouse button. Holding down the right mouse button blocks. You can also deliver a stronger attack by holding and then releasing the left button. As in many of the action MMOs you’ve probably played in recent years, mobs will telegraph their intentions both via body language and with red cones or circles that you’ll want to step out of as soon as possible.

Your health, stamina, and magicka vitals are displayed in bar form at the bottom center of your screen. They disappear along with the rest of the UI, though, (yes, even your hotbar) when you’re not in combat. It remains to be seen how the recent mod community nerfs will affect the UI over the long term, but personally I couldn’t be happier with the game’s default interface. I’m not a min-maxer, nor do I particularly like math, and as I’m given to wandering around my favorite MMOs in “screenshot mode” with the UI turned off anyway, I’m completely on board with ZeniMax’s functional but minimalistic approach.

One final dose of Elder Scrolls familiarity manifests itself in the ability to pick up random items in the game world. Mine had to have been the most leisurely escape in the annals of The Wailing Prison, as I stopped along the way to pillage and plunder every barrel, basket, backpack, and bone pile I came across. I even helped myself to the foul hides rotting away inside those gruesome maidens, and I pilfered quite a few lockpicks that I’m sure to find a use for later.

Elder Scrolls Online Wailing Prison

Final first day thoughts
In terms of aesthetics, thus far ESO is a mixed bag. The newbie prison instance is a visual marvel with its kaleidoscopic blues and purples and its hellish production design. By contrast, the starting city of Daggerfall is a bit of a letdown. I won’t go so far as to call it ugly, but it’s clear that ZeniMax opted for open world performance over eye candy, and I found myself reminded rather frequently of 2008’s grimly stylizedWarhammer Online.

Performance was generally good, though I do have to report a couple of loading screen freezes and one instance of NPCs failing to appear in the game world. A restart fixed both issues, and fortunately logging back in was instantaneous thanks to a complete lack of server queues.

All in all, I’m happy to tell you that my day one Elder Scrolls Online experience was almost entirely positive. I put approximately eight hours into the game and spread it across six characters (yes, I know, I need professional help). Check in with Massively tomorrow for my day two journal, where we’ll talk about progression, skills, and the leveling experience.

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The ESO North American and European mega servers are opening now

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eso-severs -opening

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There are three skill for Sorcerer in the elder scrolls online

As far as I’m concerned, Sorcerer is a strong class in the Elder Scrolls online. What’s more, Sorcerer is a flexible type of class; it can become a powerful Tank, a high damage DPS or a healer as long as the sorcerer is equipped armed with the proper equipment. I assure there are lots of players to play the class and I wish to share my sorcerer with you.

Magicka is the important attribute for the Sorcerer class. When playing sorcerer, sufficient Magicka can make sure sorcerer can continue to cast spell skills. In addition, there is a respectable amount of Stamina to benefit the class in battle. Of course, to a good survival, remember to add some points to Sorcerer health.

The sorcerer will be given three skill trees to choose from upon starting the game: Daedric summoning to summon familiars, Dark Magic for utility, and Storm Calling to dish out lightning damage.

Daedric Summoning

ESO Sorcerer Daedric Summoning
ESO Sorcerer Daedric Summoning

Active skill to summon minions.
The lowest damage than other two branches.

Dark Magic

ESO Sorcerer Dark Magic
ESO Sorcerer Dark Magic

The crowd controls skill. Sorcerer casts the skill to hit back, control and deal damage.
High damage
Be fit for PVP

Storm Call

ESO Sorcerer storm calling
ESO Sorcerer storm calling

High lightning damage.
Be good for tanking