The Elder Scrolls Online: Five Reasons To Enjoy Dragon Bones

MMO leaders continue to attract the public with more content

The Elder Scrolls Online had one of its best years during the past 2017, moment in which it managed to surpass the incredible number of 10 million players thanks to the content that is added of regular form to the work so much in the form of small DLCs as of great expansions that include even entire continents, as is the case with Morrowind. But from ZeniMax Online and Bethesda do not want to stay here and, as confirmed a while ago, in 2018 there is still more and better content for this popular MMORPG.


Now we have a new DLC that, as usual, is available for sale in the Crown Store of the game and free of charge for subscribers of the game’s premium service, ESO Plus. In this case we find Dragon Bones, a content pack that brings us two new dungeons with their own enemies, bosses, environments and, of course, rewards. Thanks to Bethesda, we have already enjoyed this content and today we bring you 5 reasons to fall in love with Dragon Bones and its dungeons.

1 More for less

The content policy of ZeniMax Online seems to continue to give great results and Dragon Bones does not move away from it. The study behind The Elder Scrolls Online has been betting on packs that, without adding too much content, arrive very regularly (every two or three months). None of these packs is necessary or exclusive so each user can freely choose which one he acquires without worrying about being separated from the rest of the community.

Dragon Bones repeats this strategy and is clearly focused on players who want new challenges regardless of their level. The two new dungeons arrive with adjustments that, as explained by the content developers, will allow all users to enjoy a real challenge.

2 A touch of nostalgia

From ZeniMax Online have repeatedly shown the love they have for the saga The Elder Scrolls and that shows in different details. If a few months ago we were thrilled with our return to Vvardenfell with the great expansion of Morrowind, Dragon Bones takes us back to The Elder Scrolls Arena, to the origins of one of the best-known role-playing sagas.

While the size of the content is not comparable, the story behind Fang Lair, one of the two new dungeons, is exactly that of Arena. And, as you already know, the storytelling of this work is not limited to putting us cinematic, but it is done in a more subtle way, including various visual elements that allow you to catch references to the most long-lived fans.

3 Spectacular design

That the design of The Elder Scrolls Online is a wonder is no secret and, therefore, does not stand out especially in Dragon Bones, because we are badly used. But, again, this content pack is an exhibition in this area. ZeniMax Online has returned to give a twist to the dungeons including various mechanics that are presented briefly, then, be exploited in the fights against the bosses.

Regarding these bosses, we find very inspired designs and ideas that have taken exceptionally good practice. All these new enemies are impressive at the visual level and fresh at the playable level, proposing different challenges that force the group to work together to overcome them. This, together with the different levels of difficulty that we can select, makes Dragon Bones an expansion for all those who want to enjoy new dungeons.

4 Technical news

From the moment of its launch, The Elder Scrolls Online has evolved a lot, and that is something that the people responsible for the work do not hide. But the most incredible thing is that the MMO has not evolved only at the level of playability and design, but also in the technical section. The Clockwork City expansion came a few months ago, including significant improvements in the performance of the work in its console versions and less powerful PCs.

Now, with Dragon Bones, no important news arrive but we do have some very interesting details. The different parts of Fang Lair, the dungeon that we have been able to play, are no longer separated by loading screens. Now, when we touch a door to open it, it simply opens and, without loading screens, we just walk through it realistically. We do not notice this change of zone and, although it is a silly detail, it is a change that is appreciated with respect to the past. Like this, many bugs have been fixed and the performance has also suffered a small improvement.

5 Update for all

But the best thing about these expansions is that they never come alone, and this time Dragon Bones comes with Update 17 under his arm. This patch comes free to all users and brings news for everyone. Among the highlights is a new system of rewards for leveling up, storage in homes and, above all, the Skills Advisor so that users with less experience in the work can quickly and clearly understand the progression system, taking clear from the first moment what to improve to build a concrete build.

Another of the important novelties that the fans had been asking for some time is the new outfit system. With this new inclusion all players can modify the appearance of their equipment without changing their statistics, allowing each character to look uniquely. In the words of those responsible for The Elder Scrolls Online, users have already done incredible things with this tool, so the future is bright and can demonstrate all the creativity that players have.

Expect The Elder Scrolls Online: Dragon Bones On February 12

Announced a month ago, we finally know the release date for the next DLC of The Elder Scrolls Online with the name of Dragon Bones. And it’s for very soon.

This important new extension brings many new features. It offers players two new dungeons that can be played in Normal or Veteran mode, with the following names: The Scalecaller Peak and Fang Lair. And they swarm with new enemies. Dragon Bones will also offer new items to collect as well as new challenges to achieve.


This extension will be accompanied by a free update which will also be an opportunity to make some changes, namely:

  • The system of Outfit: Allows the personalization of the appearance of the players as well as their equipment, and that no matter the gears are they are equipped.
  • Home Storage System: Will allow players to securely store their belongings at home using the Homestead housing system.
  • Two new Battlegrounds: They are named “Mor Khazgur” and “Deeping Drome Dwarven ruin”.
  • Improved gameplay: Whenever a character earns a level, they will receive rewards and tips. The rewards could be gold, consumables, craft materials, a mount or even a crown crate. For tips, this will allow you to receive more information about the character’s options regarding skills, mechanics and features.

Know that Dragon Bones, the next DLC of The Elder Scrolls Online will be available February 12 on PC and Mac. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners will have to wait until February 27th.

The Downloadable ESO Dragon Bones Will Arrive In February

Since its release in 2014, The Elder Scrolls Online has gathered many players, on PC and Mac at first, and then on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It only seemed like yesterday that the “Clockwork City” add-on and Update 16 was released for The Elder Scrolls Online, and yet here we are with its developer, Zenimax Online Studios, revealing the next exciting adventure coming to the MMORPG. The game, faithful to the universe created ZeniMax and Bethesda Softworks, is regularly updated and often has new content, such as the downloadable Dragon Bones Game Pack that will arrive in February.

And apart from that, we’ll be seeing a wealth of content including a pair of brand-new dungeons called Scalecaller Peak and Fang Lair, the much-awaited home storage for player housing, and an entirely new Leveling-up system as well. There’ll also be new PvP maps to duke it out amongst yourselves, an Outfit system to allow for more personal customization, and much more. This is an addition to The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited.


Dragon Bones is an add-on to the MMORPG game called The Elder Scrolls Online. The DLC was developed by the ZeniMax Studios Online team, and it went, among others, to the Xbox One platform.


The basic element of The Elder Scrolls Online: Dragon Bones are two new battlegrounds with which the story is related. The leading role is played by Fang Lair, or the Dwemer ruins, in which the necromancer Orryn performs a mysterious ritual aimed at reviving the skeleton of the dragon resting there. In the second “dungeon”, or Scalecaller Peak, where the Dragon Priest was buried, the cultists try to bring a powerful plague to the Tamriel empire. Of course, the task for the players is to stop both threats.


Traveling through the aforementioned underground, players must face such well-known adversaries, as well as a completely new one, among whom the dragon animates the lead. It is worth noting that dungeons are available in both Normal and Veteran of The Elder Scrolls Online. Those who decide to face challenges can count on getting unique items, Trophies and achievements; for example, it is enough to cross the threshold of one of the dungeons so that the hero we lead receives the Dragon Priest Mask.

This add-on debuted along with the free update marked with Update 17, which adds some new features to the basic version of the game. Speech, among others, about two additional Battlegrounds (Mor Khazgur and Deeping Drome), the possibility of changing the appearance of gear, the presence of furniture allowing the Home storage of items, and finally a special system advising on the direction of the hero’s development.

The Elder Scrolls Online Preview Of Scalecaller Peak

The Elder Scrolls Online (PC, PS4, Xbox One) will soon receive the new Dungeon DLC “Dragon Bones”. One of the new dungeons – the “Scalecaller Peak” – brings truly vile enemies!

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is the first DLC package to receive the “Dragon Bones” dungeon pack in 2018. It contains the two instances “Fang Lair” and “Scalecaller Peak”.

fetid halls of Scalecaller Peak

While Fang Lair re-presents an ancient instance from the very first Elder Scrolls game, Arena, after over 20 years, the Scalecaller Peak is all about disgusting pestilence and smelly ogre bosses.

The fallen dragon priest and her stinking entourage!

The Scalecaller Peak is located in the mountains in the border area between Wrothgar and Stormhaven. There the fallen Dragon Priest Zaan has established herself with her master. Since her Dragon Lord Thurvokun was destroyed, she now serves the Daedric Prince Peryite, the Lord of Pestilence.

Scalecaller empowered

Therefore, Zaan’s new cult is a stinking epidemic sect. This will make you face some of the most disgusting bosses you’ve ever met in ESO. The most disgusting lackeys of Zaan are probably the twin ogres Orzun the Foul-Smelling and Rinaerus the Rancid.

Each one of them is horrendous enough, but when the two ogres meet, their abilities completely blows away. It is therefore important to kill the two ogres simultaneously as far as possible. A challenge for every team!

Beware of foul monsters

New loot and decoration for housing!

As always, inviting valuable rewards to compensate you for the hardships you have suffered. After the victory over Zaan, there are again unique achievements, a new skin and Trophies for your home.

As a new armor set, you can capture “Jorvuld’s Guidance,” which will greatly enhance the survivability of you and your group. It extends buffs and damage shields.

In Veteran mode, there are still helmets from Zaan monster set. Together with the monster sets they will improve your critical hits. Anyone venturing into the instance will also get a helmet skin for free.

Dragon Bones Will Be The First DLC In 2018 For The Elder Scrolls Online

Bethesda has announced Dragon Bones – another DLC to network Elder Scrolls Online. The add-on will be released in February, although the exact release date has not been provided. Next week, however, will go to test servers.

The extension will include two dungeons – Mor Khazgur (in the original Scalecaller Peak) and Deeping Drome (Fang Lair). In locations, players will come across both new and existing enemies.

Fang Lair

Among the enemies, there will be plague-ridden ogres and sorcerers and their undead creations. However, the reanimated bones of an ancient dragon seem to be the biggest attraction.

Both dungeons players will complete in normal and veteran modes. In addition, the developers are preparing the opportunity to overcome all the bosses on a difficult level.

People who visit locations can count on new items, monster sets, collectibles, and achievements. For the entry into the entered areas, the interested ones will get the mask of the wicked dragon priest (Renegade Dragon Priest Mask).

Dragon Bones will receive subscribers to ESO Plus for free. The others will have to buy the DLC through the Crown Store, although prices have not been announced yet.

With the appendix, a new large and free update will be released. The patch will introduce, among other things, an Outfit System that allows you to modify the appearance of the equipment regardless of the equipment being worn.

Everyone will get one outfit, which they will later adapt to their own preferences. However, there will be an option to buy special Outfit Change Tokens and additional Outfit Slots in the Crown Store, which will allow you to have several changed clothes so that you can switch between them.

Outfit System

The plans are also the mechanics of storing collected items in a virtual home. The game will include collectibles placed in the house and other items in which players will hide their equipment.

Home Storage

An important novelty prepared by the developers are systems that Level Up Advisor and Skills Advisor.

The first with the achievement of the next level will provide valuable tips and rewards. The latter will include, among others, gold, crafting materials, consumables, a mount or a Crown Crate with random contents.

On the other hand, a Skills Advisor tool provides information on individual skills and mechanics of the game. This should help less experienced players in developing the hero.

The update will also introduce two new maps for Battlegrounds – intended for two 4v4v4 PvP teams. It is worth remembering, however, that only the owners of the Morrowind extension have access to the variant.

Mor Khazgur

The first location was settled on the arena of the Orc stronghold known as Skyrim named Mor Khazgur. The next board is the Dwarven ruins of the Deeping Drome, which were designed to organize deadly ambushes and stealthy playstyles to play.

For this a number of changes related to the fight. The creators intend to facilitate the identification and activation of skills synergies.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Map With Skyrim In The Addition Of Dragon Bones

Bethesda Softworks, reveals the first information on the next major update of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, entitled Dragon Bones.


The Dragon Bones pack will offer two new dungeons, the Scalecaller Peak and Fang Lair, as well as many improvements made by the update 17 that will be available in February. Dragon Bones will be free for all TESO Plus members, and available for purchase at the in-game Crown Store for non-subscribers. The pack will allow players to receive new items and sets of monsters, collectibles and hits, as well as a renegade Dragon Priest mask for anyone entering one of the dungeons.

Update 17, for free, will be deployed at the same time as Dragon Bones and will include:

  • The Outfit System: allows players to customize the appearance of their equipment, regardless of the items they are equipped with.
  • Two new Battlegrounds: Mor Khazgur and Deeping Drome add two new arenas to 4vs4vs4 multiplayer battles. Note that TESO: Morrowind is needed for PvP.
  • Home Storage: This player-requested feature will give them the opportunity to securely store their belongings at home with the Homestead Housing System.
  • Gameplay Enhancement: Through the Level Up system and Skills Advisor tool, each time one of the player’s characters gains a level, they will receive valuable rewards and tips. These rewards could include gold, crafting materials, and consumables, and sometimes even a new mount or a Crown Crate! With the Skills Advisor tool, the player will also receive more information about the many options available to their character regarding skills, features or mechanics of play.

Dragon Bones: The Legendary Elder Scrolls Online Will Be Updated Early Next Year

According to recent reviews, more and more people are playing the game The Elder Scrolls Online, which has been updated with more DLCs this year. and we also received the Morrowind supplement in the summer. According to the director of the game (Matt Firor), however, 2018 will not be boring in the world of TESO as we will be expecting a number of new downloadable content in the coming months.


We have not received any further information about the upcoming updates yet, but the first DLC has been named Dragon Bones (details will be heard early next year), we will visit this Nord region where we will be more rich with two new dungeons.

In early 2018, Zenimax will lift the veil and unravel some of the mystery surrounding “Dragon Bones,” a DLC that consists of a Nordic-themed dungeon. In addition to the two new dungeons, Elder Scrolls fans will also be able to count on a new feature in the game that has long been required. The update will bring improvements and additions to the quality of life, and includes at least one feature highly anticipated by the community focused on personalization of the character and the storage elements of Homestead.

Dragon Bones is a DLC game pack for The Elder Scrolls Online. It launches on PC/Mac on 2018 and Consoles on 2018. Dragon Bones introduces two new dungeons which are Norse-themed. This DLC pack will also include new items, monster masks and achievements. You’ll be able to buy Dragon Bones via the in-game Crown Store or access it as part of ESO Plus.

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