Do You Want To Design The Best Path Of Exile T-shirt?

In Path of Exile, GGG are launching a competition to design the best T-shirt! Submissions will be accepted until Monday, 16th April at 9am (NZDT). Do you want to join?

They are looking to create a shirt that will be awesome to wear out and about in the community, while still being instantly recognisable to other collectors of poe orbs cheap. Maybe it’ll have a clever slogan, a funny image or an in-joke that only PoE community would understand.

Path of Exile

Your entry doesn’t have to be an image. While images are of course preferable, even a textual description is good enough if it’s really clever and would make a great T-shirt. Your submission must be 100% your own work.

You’re allowed to refer to Path of Exile content and use its art assets, but please don’t submit full screenshots from the game. Your design should be easily identifiable as a reference to Path of Exile. All designs must be appropriate for an audience of most ages. No nudity, profanity or overtly mature themes. Keep it classy!

Remember that various constraints apply to the physical shirt creation process. While a shirt that consists of the entire Skill Tree wrapped around your body may be awesome, it’s not necessarily something that they’re able to print easily.

GGG will be taking these considerations into account when selecting winners. Also, they’re hoping people will be able to wear these shirts in public without feeling silly. A realistic picture of a Templar with no pants might be an awesome in-joke, but people might not want to actually wear it outside.

The winning designs will be announced within two weeks of the end of the contest. Top Three winners can have Chaos Orb T-shirt, Winning Design T-shirt, Path of Exile Comic, Armour Set, 250 points. And the tops 15 winner can have Chaos Orb T-shirt, Winning Design T-shirt, 250 points. Runners-Up have 250 points. Additionally, u4gm will update the news about Path of Exile in real time.

PoE: Zana Should Sell Horizon Orbs Instead Of Chisels

In Path of Exile, I have a thought that since Zana is supposed to help you map. Also it would bring back Horizons which is what most people loved about Harbinger. Make them a chance for her to sell them and have it a low amount or something. I just feel it’d be super nice to be able to use them again and she’s the perfect vehicle for them.

Path of Exile

I also read some thoughts form other players:

1. I assume you’re also using a 1.2 attack speed weapon with no attack speed nodes on your tree and no attack speed mods on your gear, which makes torture chamber the best map to farm with your character.

2. It’d be nice if both horizons and harb orbs were treated as zana shop uniques. Like, 1 in 4 chance for zana to sell one daily.

3. Is that why they made adjacent maps on the atlas have a 50% higher chance to drop than before? I don’t think they mind it now and they certainly didn’t mind it when they gave us the orb of horizon in the harbinger league in the first place.

4. Let’s be honest, though. Most people would sell their harbinger orbs for the same reason that most people sell their exalts: they’re stupidly strong, so they gotta be rare.

5. You can just sell whatever map you plan to hit with the orb, buy a new one and it still ends up being cheaper than using a horizon orb to try to get the map you want. No idea why people are claiming they are powerful, they’re only convenient.

6. All in all I think the only change that may be required is that maps can drop from from any source once the adjacent ones are completed. None of this RNG play one map to hopefully drop the adjacent map. Natural tier progression.

Finally, good luck to you, we will update the news about Path of Exile in real time.

Prophecies Are Visions Of A Character’s Future In PoE

Prophecies are visions of a character’s future, provided by Navali. They can be purchased for one Silver Coin and are stored in the prophecy screen. These prophecies influence the future of what happens to the player’s character.

Prophecies add certain events to the future when you play. Example: next Orb of Transmutation you use on a white item, will make it rare instead of magic. There are lots of prophecies, some are extremely powerful, for example, Fated Connections lets you get a 6-linked item by just using 1 Jeweller’s Orb on body armour or 2-handed weapon.

Path of Exile

Some can change areas to generate different encounters or to force various outcomes to occur. Others trigger when a condition occurs and change the result. For an additional cost of Silver Coins, Navali can seal prophecies, turning them into items so that they are tradeable. This allows players to delay their fate, or capitalize on it.

Prophecies that do not trigger upon loading an area will not trigger ever for that area unless sealed and reused. This includes maps. There are currently 226 Prophecies that can spawn in this game.

There are also some Prophecy chains consisting of several parts, for example, prophecy chain Ancient Rivalries consists of 4 parts – Ancient Rivalries I, Ancient Rivalries II, Ancient Rivalries III and Ancient Rivalries IV. While doing prophecy chain, you cannot unlock next part without doing the previous first.

To start doing Prophecies, you have to rescue Navali – she is the NPC associated with prophecies. After you rescue her, she will go back to town where you can invite her to your hideout. Prophecies are not free – each one costs 1 Silver Coin. When you have some Silver coins, talk to Navali and choose “Seek Prophecy” option and that’s it, you are given a prophecy. You can view your active prophecies in prophecy menu.

Sometimes you get a valuable prophecy that you don’t really need but someone else could use it. There is an option for that – you can seal the prophecy for a cost of several Silver Coins, sealing prophecy turns it into a tradeable item that you can sell or give to one of your buddies.

Offensive And Defensive Stats In Path Of Exile

In Path of Exile, what’s the offensive and defensive stats? Collectors of poe orbs may know, when you open up your character panel, there are plenty of different stats; Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Path of Exile

Offensive stats:

1. Damage per second – this stat shows total combined damage for given skill taking into account all the different modifiers when calculating it. Be aware of the fact that for some builds or skills this stat is not shown correctly because of the way the given skill works – one example would be poison builds that stack multiple instances of poison on the target and only the initial hit damage is shown on the tooltip.

2. Accuracy – accuracy is a stat that determines your chance to hit monsters using attack based skills.

3. Attack and cast speed – these stats show how quickly you repeat attacks or spell casts.

4. Critical strike chance – this stat shows how likely the spell or attack is to critically strike.

5. Critical strike multiplier – this stat shows how much extra damage you will inflict on the target when you critically strike.

Defensive stats:

1. Fire / Cold / Lightning / Chaos resistances – elemental resistances reduce damage taken when you are attacked with elemental damage. A natural cap is 75% of each resistance but it can be lifted by equipped items, auras, elemental flasks or certain nodes on the passive skill tree.

2. Estimated physical damage reduction – associated with armour, this stat tells you how much physical damage you are mitigating. The stat can be boosted by certain unique poe items, Basalt and Granite flasks, Endurance charges and few other options.

3. Chance to dodge attacks/spell damage – this stat shows your chance to dodge attack or spell. When you dodge damage, you completely avoid it. It is completely different stat from evasion and they can both used together very effectively.

4. Chance to block – this stat tells us how likely we are going to block monster attacks by using shield, staff or dual wielding weapons. When you block the attack, you take no damage from the blocked hit. Certain unique items or nodes on passive skill tree makes your block chance apply to spells as well, therefore, enabling you to block not only attacks but spells as well. The cap for a chance to block attacks and spells is 75%.

PoE Chieftain Is No Longer Just A Totem Build

In Path of Exile, do you know the Chieftain? The Chieftain is an Ascendancy class for Marauders. Collectors of path of exile items may know, recently, Chieftain got an entire overhaul. It’s no longer just a totem build.

Now, they can do pretty much any attack – based build. The totem aspect wasn’t touched at all, those two nodes were left alone. The other four, however, were drastically changed. A lot of stats that were shuffled around between the nodes, and were all drastically buffed.

Path of Exile

The node that gave Endurance Charges and regeneration based on Endurance Charges was moved to be the start of a tree, and it now gives + 10% fire damage per Endurance Charge. This is big, since it allows the stacking of Endurance Charges as a means of damage as well. It leads to a node that gives + 100% fire resistance, 1% life regen per second, 10% of physical damage taken as fire, 2% more life regen per second if you’ve taken fire damage recently, and is unaffected by ignite. This is a combination of random stats from a few old nodes, as well as some extra bonuses.

The other new tree starts with a huge node: 50% of damage converted to fire, damage penetrates 10% fire resistance, and every 10 seconds gain 100% of physical damage as extra fire damage for three seconds. This allows players to build full physical builds that deal a ton of fire damage.

This makes Chieftain a rather nice choice for many Cyclone and Reave builds. This tree leads to a node that gives 1% of fire damage leeched as life, 10% increased strength, 1% of totem damage leeched as life, and 10% chance to cover Rare or Unique enemies in Ash for 10 seconds on hit. This provides a ton of stats that any physical build will need.

Similar to Hierophant, I expect to see a lot of Chieftains due to how powerful they are both offensively and defensively. In hardcore in particular I can see a lot of people swapping to Chieftain for the defenses offered while still allowing aggressive gameplay. Of course, there are still a lot of ascendancies coming, so everything could change!

Hopefully the above guide will be helpful to you. If you do not want to lag behind others due to lack of orbs, you can buy poe currency on U4GM.