ESO Revealed November Crown Store Updates

The Elder Scrolls Online update the Crown Store with new mounts and pet, striking new costumes, etc. In this article, we’ll showcase the detailed Crown Store items.


Solitude Stevedore’s Jerkin – “The Nord stevedores who work the docks below the great stone arch of Solitude have a style all their own,” says Jork the Tailor-Thane of Windhelm. “They take what they like from travelers arriving from all over Tamriel and make it their own. Now you can, too!” The Solitude Stevedore’s Jerkin costume will be available on all platforms starting from November 2.

Solitude Stevedore's Jerkin

Nordic Knot Doublet and Breeches – “Nordic Knot designs symbolize the heritage of the people of Skyrim,” says designer Jork of Windhelm. “This upscale ensemble pays tribute to that tradition, and looks sharp even on those not lucky enough to be Nords.” The Nordic Knot Doublet and Breeches costume will be available on all platforms starting on November 16.

Nordic Knot Doublet and Breeches

Telvanni Master Wizard – Lesser mages are often surprised to find that the typical apparel of a Telvanni Master Wizard is more stately than ostentatious. The truth is, Wizard Lords such as Divayth Fyr have no need of gaudy display. Their power lies elsewhere. The Telvanni Master Wizard costume will be available on all platforms for a limited time from November 9 to November 13.

Telvanni Master Wizard


Witch Knight Charger – During their invasion of High Rock, the Reachmen were profoundly impressed by the power and splendor of the Breton mounted knights, and succeeded to breed their own hardy northern steeds to the same size as those mighty war horses. The Witch Knight Charger mount will be available on all platforms for a limited time from November 2 to November 6.

Witch Knight Charger

Skyfire Guar – This guar’s bright colors were once thought to indicate that it was poisonous to touch, but it was found to be relatively harmless by an adventuresome rider. Caution! Patience is needed to bring this obstinate mount to heed. The Skyfire Guar mount will be available on all platforms for a limited time from November 30 to December 6.

Skyfire Guar


Skeletal Pony Guar – Shouldn’t an animated skeleton always be a thing of fear and revulsion? This necromantic Pony Guar might change your mind about that! The Skeletal Pony Guar pet will be available on all platforms for a limited time from November 6 to November 9.

Skeletal Pony Guar

Skeletal Pack Wolf – When the Two Moons are full, the undead wolf pack rises from the grave, they point their canine craniums at the sky, and try to howl—but the only sound is a dismal rattling in their bony throats. The Skeletal Pack Wolf pet will be available on all platforms for a limited time from November 13 to November 16.

Skeletal Pack Wolf

Skeletal Senche-Leopard – Is Necromancy always wrong? Not even death can stop this loyal Senche-Leopard from stalking to adventure at your side! Those Worm Cult folks may have a point, after all. The Skeletal Senche-Leopard pet will be available on all platforms for a limited time from November 20 to November 23.

Skeletal Senche-Leopard

Style Parlor

Brigand’s Beard – Proudly masculine facial hair, the Brigand’s Beard projects authority, power, and a devil-may-care attitude. And it’ll keep your chin and upper lip warm as the weather starts to turn cold. The Brigand’s Beard will be available on all platforms starting on November 16.

Brigand's Beard

Climbing Briar Face Tattoo – The Climbing Briar’s twisting shoots symbolize your indomitable life force, while its thorns proclaim that you’re willing and able to defend yourself against all adversaries. And it’s stylish into the bargain! The Climbing Briar Face Tattoo will be available on all platforms starting on November 16.

Climbing Briar Face Tattoo

Sidelong Sweep – Nord sea raiders from the coasts of Skyrim first popularized this style, a visible demonstration of its wearer’s commitment to going all-in. Not for the cautious. The Sidelong Sweep will be available on all platforms starting on November 16.

Sidelong Sweep

There are many items will be removed from Crown Store. Visit the official site to know more.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Clockwork City Is Available On PS4 And Xbox One

Just days after the release of the PC version, Clockwork City expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online is also available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Bethesda releases the launch trailer for Clockwork City, the new downloadable content of The Elder Scrolls Online. This DLC was already available to PC users and is now also accessible from PS4 and Xbox One.

A mysterious daedric conspiracy threatens Clockwork City. Get into the realm of Sotha Sil and explore a unique mechanical world throughout Tamriel! Deal with new areas, a unique story, a new and challenging Trial, new daily missions, and more.

The downloadable Clockwork City content takes Tamriel’s adventurers to an area unlike any other, the legendary Clockwork City of Sotha Sil, to investigate a new Daedric threat. The package features 10 hours of new stories from The Elder Scrolls and is riddled with unforgettable architecture, strange creatures and powerful hybrid monsters.

In addition, players will find a new test, Asylum Sanctorium, which will test the worth of any group of 12. It also includes new and special sets of armor, personalization items, craft designs and much more. It is very necessary for you to make money in game to prepare for The Elder Scrolls Online: Clockwork City. However, you can buy cheap ESO gold on ESO-GOLD if you don’t have enough time to make money.

The Elder Scrolls Online Will Be Possible To Play In Native 4K

It is for the launch of the Xbox One X that Zenimax provides the optimized patch of The Elder Scrolls Online with which it will be possible to play in native 4K and with visual enhancements as on a PC in ultra. Here is the full detail of this update 16 communicate through Zenimax:


Native 4K resolution and 1080p enhancements
If you have a 4K screen, ESO will work with true native 4K resolution without upscale or checkerboarding (many methods that many games use to approach a 4K resolution). If you only have a 1080p screen, you will see the game in 1080P, but still enjoy all the graphics improvements, with the advantage of anti-aliasing.

Upgraded shadows with Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
SSAO is a way of calculating shadows that occurs when neighboring objects block local ambient lighting. On Xbox One X, we’ve enabled this feature, which will help make the environment and characters more present and immersive.


Enhanced water reflections
Until now, reflections on Xbox were limited to simple static textures. With Xbox One X, we enable higher quality real-time reflections, making many reflective surfaces, such as water in the view below, more realistic.

Extended viewing distance
Finally, we are delighted to have been able to enjoy the power of the Xbox One X, to extend the field of vision. Environments will charge at longer distances, and high quality models will appear sooner. With this improved viewing distance, you will be able to admire Tamriel in all its splendor!

Participate In The ESO 10 Million Stories Celebration

When the “10MillionStories” event was launched, the official website announced that a celebration would take place. It’s starting now, with a richly endowed contest!


To do this, nothing more simple, just go to the dedicated page (at this address), fill out the entry form (you can also participate by post), and connect to the game between 1 November 2017 and 6 December 2017.

“300 prizes are up for grabs, and one lucky winner will have the opportunity to be created as a character in the game, receive every in-game collectible ever available for sale in the Crown Store, and enjoy a free trip to PAX East 2018 on us. We invite you to be a part of the story – and to tell us your own.”

The official Twitter page stated, “Be immortalized as a character in ESO, win a trip to PAX East & more in our #10MillionStories sweeps.”

Another event, based on the dungeons, will be announced soon.

The Elder Scrolls Online Announced Xbox Play Free Event

To celebrate the ESO 10 Million Stories event, The Elder Scrolls Online announces an upcoming Xbox Free Play Days event for Xbox Live Gold members.

The Free Play event kicks off on November 2 and concludes on November 5. Even better, all new ESO accounts are gifted 500 free crowns for use in the in-game Crown Store, allowing you to pick up some useful items such as potions, XP Scrolls, food, or an adorable pet!


Your previous progression in ESO will remain if you play ESO for free during the event. If you buy a new ESO account, 500 free crowns are available in Crown Store, with these crowns you can get potions, XP Scrolls, food, and pet.

“In addition to enjoying ESO for free, you can also sign up for our 10 Million Stories Sweepstakes promotion for a chance to win amazing real-world and in-game prizes – don’t miss out!”

10 Million

The Xbox ESO Free Play Days event starts now! Navigate to the ESO: Tamriel Unlimited product page on your Xbox One to download. It should be noted that the ESO game client is approximately 80GB in size.

In addition, the Free Play event will come to PlayStation 4 and PC/Mac soon.

The Elder Scrolls Online Announced Its Holiday Fan Art Event

The Elder Scrolls Online announces its 2017 Holiday Fan Art Contest. Participating in the event, you will be able to contribute to annual holiday card’s creation and even win in-game and real-world prizes.


The contest will conclude on Sunday, November 19 at 11:59PM. Six winners will be rewarded with one grand prize winner. Check out the full list of all prizing below:

1 Grand Prize Winner

The chance to contribute to the official 2017 holiday card from ZeniMax Online Studios
A Wacom Intuos Pro tablet
One Limited Edition Hero’s Guides to ESO, signed by members of the ESO Art Team
A collection of ESO DLC, Chapter, and Update mini-posters, signed by members of the Art Team, featuring:

  • Thieves Guild
  • Dark Brotherhood
  • Shadows of the Hist
  • One Tamriel
  • Homestead
  • Morrowind
  • Horns of the Reach
  • Clockwork City

Six month ESO Plus membership (including 9000 crowns that come with membership)

2 Runners Up

Collection of The Elder Scrolls Online DLC and Updates mini-posters, featuring:

  • Thieves Guild
  • Dark Brotherhood
  • Shadows of the Hist
  • One Tamriel
  • Homestead
  • Morrowind
  • Horns of the Reach
  • Clockwork City

Six month ESO Plus membership (including 9000 crowns that come with membership)
One Rufous Mudcrab in-game pet

3 Honorable Mentions

3000 crowns to spend in the ESO Crown Store
One Rufous Mudcrab in-game pet

In order to join the contest, you need to submit digital copy of your ESO holiday-themed artwork here. Stay tuned at ESO social channels for more informations.

The Elder Scrolls Online Has Mayim Bialik Joining The Game

The Elder Scrolls Online is also popular with celebrities. Most recently, serial star Mayim Bialik, better known as Amy from The Big Bang Theory, tried on ESO and created a Khajiit heroine.

If you hang around more often in The Elder Scrolls Online, it’s a good idea to meet a khajiit called Lilith Meowstein. Behind it is the actress Mayim Bialik. She plays drama in the comedy series The Big Bang Theory. Amy Farrah Fowler, a cranky neurobiologist and friend of the even stranger Dr. Sheldon Cooper.


Which race is least pursued here?

In Real Life, Mayim Bialik recently launched a YouTube series called “Mayim Tries”, in which she wants to try out various games. It starts here with The Elder Scrolls Online. Mayim starts here with the character creation (which she calls “roll-up” in the sense of her D & D past) and rummages through the many menus without a plan.

It also shows typical Amy characteristics in her, for example, when she sees the word “bonuses” in the menu and immediately notes analytically-cool “I think the correct plural is bonuses!”. Besides, she finds it very hard to decide on anything. Alone the choice of sex is not easy.

The race becomes even more complicated: “Which race is least pursued here?” According to their cameraman, the Dark Elves are the most persecuted. They do not like Mayim anyway. Just as the Imperialists, “Why should I play a standard man, I am every day!” But you like all the more the kittenish Khajiit, who can prevail just before the Argonian Lizardmen.

“Oh, she’s furry!”

All the fun goes on as Mayim discovers the body adaptation menu in ESO. There you can adjust almost every detail and Mayim is quite surprised, when she sees the furry body of her cat woman for the first time in full glory!

After that, she still plays with the sliders and enjoys how fat or dry you can make heroes in ESO. It takes more than 5 minutes in which Mayim tries out all sorts of sliders and options until at some point a gold-spotted khajiit with braid and eye patch is ready.

Only one name is missing “Golden Meower” is rejected as well as “Mayim”. In the end, Mayim decides to give the Khajiit a “strong, feminine name” and calls the cat “Lilith Meowstein”.

Then she starts the tutorial and what she experiences there will probably be the subject of further episodes of “Mayim Tries”. We have the funny video embedded here for you. Have fun!