The verdict of FIFA 15 is not as good as you expect

Despite being the biggest selling game in the UK last year, the response to FIFA 15 that we can  buy some cheap FIFA 15 coins to to take part in this week’s WeView was much less than that of Destiny, with only several responses to choose from.

The verdict? It’s not as good as you expect, it seems that many people were underwhelmed by the offerings of this year’s instalment in the football series, so let’s get on with it.


FIFA Pro Clubs – absent from the last generation versions – was the only redeeming factor for JustTaylorNow: “it’s not perfect but it’s brilliant, it keeps me coming back.” Taylor didn’t see any improvements over FIFA 14 though, with some glaring issues returning.

BrendanCalls simply stated “If you want a football simulator by PES, if you want a fun football game buy FIFA”, a statement which was echoed in other comments. Psychobudgie even called PES a “fun and an excellent approximation of the game” in comparison to FIFA.

Cam_manutd was very disappointed with the game: “It is a lazy effort from EA in which their solid foundations built with Fifa 09 are starting to wane. Pro Clubs and Ultimate Team remain to be among the best football modes out there. But for single minded players, Fifa is severely lacking.”

Julio Baptista: l-da Silva signed in Madrid


Brazil star Julio Baptista, said Real Madrid to sign Lucas Silva, is definitely the team’s greatest blessing.

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Lucas Silva, aged 21 to 13 million euros from Cruzeiro on Monday to join Real Madrid. Silva, Cruzeiro’s former team-mate, the former Real Madrid star Baptista spoke highly of the deal.

“Real Madrid to sign Lucas Silva, is very lucky. “Baptista told reporters, 33, said,” it’s real plans for the future, Silva will grow up to be a pivotal player. ”

“For him, playing for Real Madrid would be a different experience. Some people may not understand, but when a player from Brazil joined the European League, he often takes some time to get used to. Lucas Silva’s style is very Europeanized, perfectly suited to European football, but he needs some time to get into the Real Madrid. ”

Mourinho: Stampede Costa was an accident


After Chelsea beat Liverpool qualified for the League Cup final, blues boss Jose Mourinho accepted media interview, referring to Kos trampling action, he said it was an accident.

Mourinho said: “whether you (journalists) say ‘ Stampede ‘, or Sky Sports says ‘ crime ‘, and I must say, it was a complete surprise. He (Costa) is directed at the ball, and a snatch opponent lying on the ground at that time. They had contacts at a time when he wanted to get the ball, put your foot in there. ”

“These honored guests have a good seat, making a lot of money, without any pressure, they are always right, they never throw in the towel, they always win, but they must be fair, they must be honest. But, come on, let us think of Wembley finals. ”

Choose your Best In FIFA 15

As is known to many people, FIFA 15 has two versions: new gen—the PS4, XBox One and the PC and one for the old gen—PS3 and XBox 360. When FIFA fabricated the announcement, I had accounting off the PS3 and 360 adaptation as a change of FIFA 14 with some slight tweaks and mods as was the case with FIFA 10 on PC which was abhorrent for the PC but a brilliant, ablaze bold for the PS3 and 360.


FIFA 15 is traveling to be a abundant bigger searching bold than FIFA 14 or any of its added predecessors. Amateur models accept top polygon counts, and there’s an absorption to detail throughout anniversary arena. You’ll bound be blessed you invested in a next-gen console—that is, if you play on PS4 or Xbox One. Crowds are aswell abundant added active than anytime before. You’ll apprehend acclaim and chants throughout the advance of games, just like in absolute life. Making a ambition is added agitative than anytime before.

New animations have been created for defenders, from shirt grabbing to brushing players off the ball, these make tackling more of an art than a science and it might prove a struggle for newbies to master. There’s also goal line technology, which is a neat touch but it seems to still have some glitches that need ironing out, plus over a dozen new celebrations including Samuel Eto’o’s old man dance.

fifa 15

In a word, the graphics in FIFA 15 are incredible, unless you’re stuck on the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. Everything looks good and it’s very nice to see the environments become part of the action. The player models are mostly solid but the nearly-lifelike faces, with “nearly” being the operative word there, can cause some awkward moments. Some collisions are weird and players may fly out of a tackle like they’ve been hit by a tank shell but actually, that may just be soccer.

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Enrique: Barcelona need to redouble our efforts, the Lion King or the Starter


Barcelona coach Enrique attended the League of Elche’s pre-match press conference, he said after the team out of a downturn should continue.

He said: “when a race has exposed many problems, while another equally difficult in sight, you naturally want to maintain a strong, more stringent requirements on its own. This is our job; players know this, know that if there is no input from high-strength, to set off the road is a dangerous thing. ”

Ivan rakitic is out, but he said: “he has no problem. He is a member of the team is very important. ”

Barcelona after the winning streak seems to be doing better and better, in response, Enrique said: “I see the team morale is high, in good condition. We are in the right direction. ”

Official: Real Madrid sign Brazil midfielder Lucas Silva


Real Madrid’s official website announced the Cruzeiro of Brazil midfielder Lucas Silva (Lucas Silva) officially joined, signed by the two parties until June 30, 2020.

After having undergone the medical examination, Lucas Silva will be presented January 26, at 13 o’clock local time in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

News according to Marca, Real Madrid will pay 14 million euros for Lucas Silva, but Cruzeiro does not confirm the transfer fee. This transfer fee was to be owned by Cruzeiro, the player as well as Lucas Silva, the ownership of shares by the company, but Cruzeiro’s refusal to release the percentage share of transfer fees.

According to the Aspen daily news, Cruzeiro’s initial asking price of 15 million euros, and the eventual transfer fee of 13 million euros. However, the player deserved 10% transfer fee may be transferred to the Cruzeiro Club as compensation.

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Real Madrid to sign Norway siren Odegard

Real Madrid’s official website announced the signing of 16-year old Norway international striker Odegard (Martin Odegaard). According to the Aspen daily news, transfer fee Real Madrid paid 3 million euros for him and signed a contract for a period of 6 years.


Real Madrid official website wrote: “Martin-Odegard (Norway, 1998), has become a new Member of Real Madrid. From Stromsgodset team now, he is regarded as one of the most talented young players on December 17 last year after 16 birthday, the attention he received from the whole of Europe. ”

Odegard is young, but has broken a number of records, last August to complete his career debut, but quickly became Norway’s youngest international of the national team, in addition he is also Norway League debut the youngest player and youngest player scored their ACE.

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Ronaldo Messi were both shortlisted for the Lawrence prize list

Lawrence announced last year the Organizing Committee of the world sports awards candidate, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are included in this list.


Ronaldo last week lifted the third Golden Ball trophy of his career. Last season he helped Real Madrid won the Champions League, European Super Cup, the King’s Cup and the Club World Cup, the Club also made a “quadruple” Albert.

Lionel Messi last year Brazil was elected as the best player at the World Cup, and led until being favourites Argentina into the final. And he also broke the sealed the Spanish League scoring record for as long as 60 years.

No matter who the two men won the award, will become the first footballer to win the Laurence.

Lawrence of the world sports awards of the year awards ceremony will be held in Shanghai, on April 15.

FIFA 15 :TOTY Packs Trading guide

As usual, EA decide to reveal who is in the TOTY (Team Of The Year). This team consists of big names like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and other superstars. Everyone knows that EA will put them in the Gold Player Packs in the end of the year so everyone want to sell their squads to get some FIFA 15 coins to open packs when the TOTY is in packs.


FIFA 15 TOTY Packs

The Team of the Year will be released on the 12th of January just like last year.
On the 24th of January the TOTY goalkeepers and defenders will be in packs till Wednesday the 22th.
On the 22th of January the TOTY midfielders will be in packs for 48 hours.
On the 23th of January the TOTY forwards will be released and in packs for 48 hours.

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Exposes Europe’s Red Devil stars agreed to sign Real Madrid! This week declared

The Aspen daily quoted Norway daily messages from the Drammens Tidende, Norway Supernova Odegard (Martin PI degaard) has decided to sign a contract with Real Madrid, local time, on Monday evening or Tuesday morning, Odegard siteluomujiasite Club Club Real Madrid and the formal coming into operation of the deal, Odegard at between 2.3 million and 3.4 million euro transfer fee.


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Although the Red Nova holding Europe’s arsenal, Bayern Munich, Liverpool’s contract, but Odegard eventually decided to join Real Madrid; it is reported that after signing the Castilla team Odegard will play for Real Madrid, but he will train with the Real Madrid first team together.

Odegard had decided to immediately fly to Madrid, Norway daily DT also confirmed that “the two sides will announce the deal this week. ”

In addition to signing Odegard, Real Madrid will also offer a job for his father, signing along with father Odegard.