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As we all know, there are ten the elder scroll online races for players to choose thought there is just four classes. Each class has its best races. For the players who is the first enter the game, the main thing is to build a character. What class do you want to play? Which race do you choose? How does your character look? Those are not big problems but you don’t neglect them. Thus, know more about different races and choose your favorite to create your character as quickly as possible.

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Once you build your own character, you can start to explore the challenging and interesting world. As a game, survival is the primary task. To survive, you have to be stronger; to be stronger, you have to upgrade; to upgrade, you have to fight; for fight, it is indispensable that you equip your character with good items. Crafting is your second task. In order to make equipment what you need. You need to spend time and energy collecting material and crystals. Of course, it is a fast to get material. This is you can take eso gold to buy material if you have enough gold, which is earned by your continual fighting.

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ESO guide:How to power level your craft in a group

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Team Crafting:Basic idea is to get a group of 6 from your guild and each one of you pick a profession, everything you pickup you mail off to the appropriate team members, Rune to the enchanters cloth/leather armor to clothiers etc. By doing this your bags stay empty since all you have to do is pop open your mail when you’re full and send the items away to clear the space. Another variation to the is you can have 3 members each take 2 of the professions.

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1)If pursuing this strategy you will definitely want to pickup the extraction skills in the crafting trees to get the most mats from extraction.
2)Please note that each mail you send off costs between 10-20 eso gold so costs are involved in this strategy but the benefits far outweigh them in my opinion.

To add to this you can create crafting guilds giving each team access to a 1000 slot bank to trade items between each other instead of having to mail everything. In order to achieve this you need 2 crafting teams of 6.

Crafting guild 1 would consist of the 6 members from team one who will have deposit/withdrawal rights to the Gbank and the 6 members from crafting team 2 to give you the required 10 members for a Gbank. Crafting team 2 would not have access to the this Gbank.

Crafting guild 2 would consist of the 6 members from team two who will have deposit/withdrawal rights to the Gbank and the 6 members from crafting team 1 to give you the required 10 members for a Gbank. Crafting team 2 would not have access to the this Gbank.

Elder Scrolls Online console releases delayed six months [Updated]

Elder Scrolls sword forge

The Elder Scrolls Online was originally scheduled to release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in June. According to a now-removed FAQ entry on ZeniMax’s website, the console versions will be delayed by “about six months.”

“While it has become clear that our planned June release of the console versions isn’t going to be possible, we have made great progress, we have concluded that we’ll need about six more months to ensure we deliver the experience our fans expect and deserve,” the blurb explained.

A Reddit user captured a screenshot of the FAQ entry before it was removed, and Joystiq has done a bit of sleuthing to verify via Google search that the text was legitimate. Massively has contacted ZeniMax for an official statement.

[Update]: ZeniMax has posted an update that confirms the six-month delay. The company is also offering transfers of developed characters from the PC platform to either of the console versions.

Low-percentage drops on AH would harm ‘gear chase’

Elder Scrolls Online

ZeniMax has released an Elder Scrolls Online Ask Us Anything variety pack that covers everything from taunts and maintaining aggro to server maintenance times. The devs also field a question about guild stores and why they’re for guild members only.

“Our goal is to make the economy more player-based, but not to have a system that allows you to find anything at any time because there are so many players involved on a megaserver,” ZeniMax says. “With extremely large communities, low-percentage drops can become highly available in auction houses. It ends up harming the ‘gear chase’ portion of the game.”

The First Emperor finally appeared In ESO

Being the emperor in eso is a great honor and maybe every player has dreamed of it. The past month has witnessed many emperors rise and fall amidst the chaos of the alliance war, and of course the first one to hold the title is the most eye-catching. Well, who is he? Yes, he is Emperor Morkulth. Recently the official site has given him an interview. What did he say? Now let’s have a look.

The First Emperor

The first question being asked was whether he had the support of a guild and how the guilds helped him. The fact was he was in two guilds which for some time had been collaborating about being a dominant force in the Aldmeri Dominion. Both guilds supported members to push for the first emperor spot and helped organize their members into dynamic fighting groups to siege and take the six emperor keeps quickly and efficiently, without a minute of time wasted. And later he made it the best advice to players who wanted to be the emperor to join a group or guild, because he thought a powerful guild would get you the most skills and the most alliance points.

While asked about the preparation and motivation for emperorship, Morkulth said food should be at hand for late-hour fights and rest should be guaranteed. Always focused on the prize to be at best at anything, and the sense of accomplishment from completing the main goal was the motivation to try more ambitious ones. And surely he set it a goal to get emperor again.

Morkulth was an Altmer Sorcerer. According to him, choosing a combination of race and class was important so that the skills could be casted the best. Also one must know the skills well so that they could be used at the perfect time to the perfect effect.

At last he emphasized the importance of individuals in Cyrodiil. Every member was instrumental to an alliance’s success whether you were at the top of the leaderboard or not.

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Imperial wars in The elder scrolls Online

The elder scrolls Online has served nearly a month of time, a lot of players have reached the official request levels full of 50! But this does not mean that the game has come to an end! This is just a just beginning! Because players will start in the biggest bright spot of eso – imperial wars!

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Become a king can have a lot of generous reward! For example, the exclusive equipment and skills, and the title! And you don’t have to worry for eso gold enough! Because you get eso become emperor gold higher efficiency on several times!

Emperor, of course, is not the only thing in life! If your team defeated! All of these privileges will disappear! At present a lot of players of the team, and a large number of buy eso gold to get advanced equipment! And cooperate with the tactics, ready to fight for imperial wars!

Let’s wait and see!

Buy cheap elder scrolls gold with challenge ESO dungeons

There are lots of activities you’ll be able to participate in on your own in ESO, but you’ll also have the chance to explore dungeons, which are designed to be challenges for groups of allies. Dungeons are organized; you’ll need three other party members to stand a chance, and the four of you will have a version of the dungeon (and its bosses and loot) all to yourselves. We’ll be taking a closer look at the mechanics you’ll see in dungeons in this article.

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In many MMORPGs, players are locked into performing one role in a group, whether they focus on damaging enemies (DPS, or Damage Per Second), keeping their allies in the fight (healing), or drawing the attention of enemies away from more vulnerable characters (tanking). These roles are still important for a successful dungeon group in The Elder Scrolls Online, but our open-ended skill system gives you much more flexibility. With the right combination of weapons and abilities, you can change your role on the fly to support your group’s needs.

Dungeons represent some of the toughest challenges in The Elder Scrolls Online, and they add yet another adventure you can choose to experience as you explore Tamriel. We hope this peek behind the portcullis helped give you some insight about dungeon design, and we’re excited to see how you choose to tackle these dangerous delves in your own groups. Here on ESO-Gold.com,you can buy cheap eso gold to arm yourself to be strong enough to challenge the dungeons!

The Elder Scrolls Online: Veteran Dungeons

The best thing I can say about Elder Scrolls Online is that I’m still playing it. Normally the time commitments demanded by proper MMORPG reviews leave me so drained that I’d rather watch a marathon of Pauly Shore films than spend more tine in-game. But I’ve continued to jump back into ESO on a daily basis to flesh out my character and prepare for the upcoming Veteran Dungeons.

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Not all of ESO’s endgame content is a grind, though. I love the Veteran Dungeons, and I spend an inordinate amount of time in them. They’re tough in a way the normal dungeons never even hinted, and they require deep coordination that’s already created several great friendships. They’re the best part of ESO endgame so far, and a strong reason for group-oriented subscribers to keep coming back to the game. I still have a character that largely plays how I wish him to, but the Veteran dungeons expose the faults in the more flighty builds and lead to more skillful, efficient play. Leveling 50 was the fluffy part, letting players build their character how they wanted. Now it’s time to get serious, the design seems to say.

I like this, and I suppose that with some tweaks to the Nightblade class, I’ll like it more. ( I’m still waiting on ArenaNet to make Rangers more effective in Guild Wars 2’s dungeons almost two years later, so I’m not especially hopeful.) The upcoming Craglorn content seems like it’s exactly the kind of small grouped-oriented combat I love in an MMORPG, and I’m hoping it’ll scratch an itch for a different style of endgame content.

Skyshard Adventures in TESO

I’m also amazed at the sheer number of skills I have now, thanks to the skyshards scattered all over the content for the two extra factions and the occasional ones you get from major questlines. I once fretted over whether I should take up Blacksmithing or Clothing in addition to my additional crafting skills for Alchemy and Provisioning, but now I have enough points to max out all four. I’ve also picked up dual-wielding as an additional combat skill to complement my usual two-handed and bow setup when I need more straight DPS, and I’ve even started toying with the crazy idea of making a Nightblade “mage.” (That, however, will take a full respec.) It’s doable. I may not be able to become a Dragonknight or Sorcerer, but I’m far less locked into my skills as I would be in, say, World of Warcraft.

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Hunting skyshards feels fantastic for three major reasons. It provides you a significant, tangible benefit every time you find one (more skill points!). It encourages you to explore out-of-the-way corners or Tamriel, and see everything the world of ESO has to offer. And it’s a pleasant, low-impact example of peaceful end-game content, if you’re a player that prefers to explore the world instead of bashing your head against other players in PVP, or against highly-tuned bosses in endgame dungeons.

And that’s what keeps me going. I’ve said before that crafting is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Elder Scrolls Online, but I’ve lately found that crafting myself as I see fit is the chiefest pleasure of all. I’m hoping all that careful thought will pay off come Craglorn, along with the absurd amount of time I put into ZeniMax’s game over the last month. I just wish it came sooner. For people who don’t have the time to throw at this like I do, Veteran Rank 10 must seem like a myth. If ZeniMax isn’t careful, it’ll chase off too many of them regardless of the quality of content that waits at the end.