The Elder Scrolls Online 10 Million Players Released

The Elder Scrolls Online has made the Elder Scrolls universe an online game for the first time. Builders using ZeniMax Online’s mega-server technology are in one connected world, making it one of the most social MMORPGs ever built.


At the same time, TESO does not have any membership model. Once you have bought the game, you can play it, and in-game purchases are not making much impact on the competition. Bethesda is also presenting a Gold Edition version of the game on Steam at a 50 percent discount. There are all DLCs in this version up until now.

Zenimax Online Studios has announced that it has achieved a new milestone in the 2014 online game The Elder Scrolls Online, which continues to be updated with improvements and additions. The limit of ten million players has been broken, so we have to celebrate it.

The game is currently completely free with the exception of the Morrowind extension available for PCs, Macs and PS4s. The basic game can be downloaded and in the same scenery until December 6th. The progress you make is allowed if you buy the game after you try it.

At the same time, there is a running Dungeon Event, where dances are performed with others in the glittering awards of the eyes. There are costumes, pets and mounts. The main prizes are the trip to the PAX East 2018 event and the ESO collectibles on console.

The Elder Scrolls Online Celebrates 10 Million Players

It has now been three years since The Elder Scrolls Online was launched. ZeniMax has called all the players of The Elder Scrolls Online to a special community event, which is about your personal Tamriel stories. The reason for the festivity: Over 10 million players are supposed to have bought TESO.

10 Million Stories

Under the Hashtag #10MillionStories you can share your personal ESO story on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Co. “We will share our favorites on social networks and present a selection on as part of a more comprehensive celebration,” the official website says.

The official release of the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online took place in April 2014. For three years, the project managed to change the payment model, get a large number of additions and updates, give players a lot of plot adventures and better acquaint you with Tamriel. The last water level report for The Elder Scrolls Online is barely eight months ago, in February 2017 Zenimax announced via press release that 8.5 million players bought The Elder Scrolls Online.

Obviously the end of the flagpole had not yet been reached, because now the developers of the online-rolling game are looking forward to the next milestone: meanwhile, the number of TESO owners has grown to over ten million players.

Not all of us liked this game, but it still managed to get a fairly large community. And the developers said that since the release of The Elder Scrolls Online visited more than 10 million unique users.

Therefore, over the next few months, the team will share with us the player stories associated with TESO. So if you want to tell the whole world about your heroic adventures in dungeons, battles in Cyrodiil or interesting in-game events, then send your story to

Are you a loyal ESO player and are you looking forward to the event? Have you also experienced your personal history in The Elder Scrolls Online and would you like to share it with the community? Tell us in the comments!

Naturally, developers will not forget to hold a special festive event (information about it will be known in the coming weeks).