Play The Elder Scrolls Online For Free This Weekend

If these days you have thought about trying The Elder Scrolls Online, we have great news for you. Bethesda and ZeniMax offer a free weekend of their MMORPG on PS4 and PC. This is because the title achieved a new mark regarding its number of players. With a special video, the company celebrated that the game already has 10 million users.


If you want to join this great community, you should know that the free period will start tomorrow, November 30, and will be available until next December 6. Note that you will have access to the base game, but not the Morrowind expansion.

Bethesda assured that all players will receive 500 free crowns. During this period, players can participate in a special event called Mysterious Reward Boxes. When completing the random dungeons, users will receive various rewards, such as experience scrolls, potions, pets, mounts, and costumes.

The rewards do not end there, because participating in the trial period and completing the dungeons will give you the opportunity to participate in a special raffle. If you turn out to be a 10 Million Stories winner you will take an all-paid trip for 2 people to PAX East 2018, the opportunity to be a non-playable title character, as well as every collectible from the Elder Scrolls Online store.

At the end of the free period, all your progress of the title will be retained, if in the future you decide to acquire the game and return to this epic adventure. Remember that your next Clockwork City DLC already has a release date. Its debut will be first in PC and later it will arrive at PlayStation 4, as well as to Xbox One.

Visit this link to learn more news related to The Elder Scrolls Online, as details of the improvements you will receive in Xbox One X and its great sales performance.

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