NBA 2K17: How To Maximize Start Option

On the aspect of NBA 2K17 NBA 2K17┬ásales, it have already made a huge success, since almost everyone is fond of basketball, what’s more, some players are presumably manage to figure out some ways how to develop their skills as well as particularly how to enjoy the Start Today option….


NBA 2K17 Update: How To Reward Fitbit Users

Are you fond of playing video game? At the same time, you are also a Fitbit user? a good news for you, for all video gamers as well as a fitness enthusiast, in particular, if you love playing basketball, whether in a real life or video game. Are you aware…

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NBA 2K17 Free Play Only For Xbox Live Gold Members

Since Xbox Wire announced that NBA 2K17 is heading to Xbox Live Gold’s Free Play Days program, and make Gold members have the chance to play NBA 2K17 for free on Xbox One, there’s going to be much more of a reason for gamers to buy NBA 2K17 than usual…


NBA2K17 Patch 1.05 Update: Download Size Unveiled

Speaking of update 1.05 of its latest basketball simulation title, just recently, it was released by 2K Sports, regarding the latest patch, according to the developers’ official Facebook page and you can learn more. Additionally, including the update’s patch notes, regarding more details and you can check out the official…


NBA 2K17 Patch Bring HDR, Bug Fixes, 4K Support And Gameplay Improvements

There is no doubt that NBA 2K17 is one of the hugest sports franchises in the video game market today, nonetheless, like plently games, it’s still fulled with glitches as well as bugs. This is why an update is set to be released, to fix and improve the game. Game…


NBA 2K17: How To Learn Dribble Of Kyrie Irving And Stephen Curry

Here is NBA 2K17 more update, if you have been playing the 2K series for many years, you could note that it’s a little more difficult to perform fancy dribble moves, particularly, in the Hall-of-Fame difficulty level. Many player put much attention to buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC. Kindly…


NBA 2K17 Update: Let’s Experience Harambe Dominate The Warriors

For much-anticipated simulation basketball gameplay, NBA 2K17 continues to take the world of sports gaming by storm. One players has made decision to creat Harambe in the MyCareer option to dominate the Golden State Warriors. NBA 2K17 Virtual Currency for sale such as cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC. The all-new…


NBA 2K17 Patch 1.05 Was Launched On PS4 And Xbox One This Week

The new NBA 2K17 Update patch 1.05 has already submitted by 2K Games, thanks to Microsoft and Sony, and the patch soon to be launched. Regarding the gameplay the fifth update does not have any official patch notes, nonetheless, there are a lot of details. Some details has already get…