Albion Online Tips On Earning Fame

While some are on the verge of reaching the final stages of their specialization, some players are just starting their adventure on Albion Online. For these, the progression can be slow and sometimes appear a complicated strand. Yet there are several methods to increase his fame and rise in rank…


Albion Online Offers Absolute Freedom To Gamers

In the midst of a jungle of online gaming products, Albion Online stands out as a game that offers absolute freedom to gamers. The first trial opened in mid-2015, Albion Online quickly attracted the attention of the gaming industry and the community. With the philosophy of building a non-linear world…


Albion Online – Developers Announce The Contents Of Starter Packs

Developer Sandbox Interactive has announced the content of the various Starter Packs to access the Albion Online game. The choice of the pack affects both the amount of gold available at the start and the number of days you enjoy the benefits of a premium account. The official website contains…


Albion Online Guardians Overview

The developers of Albion Online told about the world’s bosses – the Guardians. They came to life thanks to ancient magic and are called to nature protector. They can be found near the deposits of Tier 6 resources, but there is no exact schedule for their occurrence, so you’ll have…

Albion Online

Albion Online New Mounts: Tutorial Mount, Special Mounts, Faction Mounts

Until now, as the latest update for Albion Online, Hector has gone live. Hector is the final major update before the release, it’s planned for launched on July 17. The team of Sandbox Interactive is using the coming weeks until the launch to optimize the game and fix remaining bugs….


New Albion Online Trailer Shows The Online Hector

The MMORPG Albion Online finally welcomes the Hector update with all its new features and major modifications before the official release of the game. New in abundance, it is now, on the MMORPG Albion Online! The Hector update is now online and brings with it the latest major changes to…


The Revamp Outlands Of Albion Online

“Hector” is the latest update before the official release of “Albion Online”. This update includes some improvements to the Outlands, the Sandbox-MMORPG. Robin Henkys, “Game Director” at Albion Online, explained in a video what changes are coming and what intentions are being pursued with them. Caerleon As A Portal To…


UpAlbion Is Preparing Albion Online Gold Sale For Our Customers

Are you sitting before your computer to wait the coming of Albion Online? There are some new changes in Albion Online you should know before you engage the game. If you want to have a good start in Albion Online, you should ensure you can get enough Albion Online gold…


The Current Albion Online Hellgates Are Being Updated With New Map

The current Albion Online Hellgates are being upgraded with new mechanics and a new map. This has been announced in the official game blog the guys at Sandbox Interactive. The Hellgates (the gates of hell) are features of Albion Online, this is where the excitement of PvP and PvE is…


Albion Online Oriented PVP Preview

MMOs are not in vogue in recent years, it is a fact. Only a few hard-liners are still trying to penetrate the relatively saturated market ever since. Given the high bidding of Korean MMOs, it becomes complicated to propose an original and competitive project. It is however the bet that…