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Buy cheapest eso gold instead of farming it

Source from: I have never understood the concept of farming in an MMO. It is boring as hell, nothing fun about it, takes a lot of time if you do it for something big and you dont have any rewarding feeling about it. As we all know, eso is already…

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ESO guide: How to build Templar Veteran Best DPS

Source from: Templar is a unique class that can deal weapon damage and use the powers of light and burning sun to damage enemies. They can also act as healers, with dedicated restoration spells. It is the “paladin” of Elder Scrolls Online. Here is the first Veteran map that you…

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Are you subbing to Elder Scrolls Online?

Elder Scrolls Online’s 30-day free period ends this week, as does the five day grace period that ZeniMaxgranted customers on account of the game’s launch issues. I’m still having quite a lot of fun in Tamriel, so transitioning to the monthly subscription was a personal no-brainer. What about you, Elder Scrolls purchasers? Are you…

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Elder Scrolls Online’s soundtrack

The Elder Scrolls soundtrack is pretty well-known and highly regarded, even outside of our tiny field of video game music enthusiasts. That’s what you get when you have smash hit games and a conductor who knows what he’s doing. Jeremy Soule helmed the musical side of the franchise from Morrowind throughSkyrim, but with the…

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How to find Treasure Maps and Get More ESO Items

One interesting gameplay in the elder scrolls online is to find and use treasure maps. Treasure maps depict the location of hidden treasures and once you find the treasure chests, you may get random loots and eso items (if you are fortunate enough, maybe blue/green items will be possible). So…

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How to Increase Your Veteran Ranks with Veteran ESO Items

The level cap of 50 is not a end but a start to veteran content in The Elder Scrolls Online. There are ten veteran Ranks for you. When you reach level 50, you will accept Veteran Rank 1. Starting to experience veteran content, there are more intetersting and challenging Adventure…

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How to get more eso gold in TESO

It is difficult to say which game is the most interesting, but we can say that the new game Elder Scroll Online is absolutely one of the most fantastic games at the present time, it has attracted many players to play and enjoy themselves in the virtual world. There is…

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The Problem with Veteran Rank Questing in TESO

In both my review in progress and the final review, I expressed my dissatisfaction with veteran rank questing. If you’re unfamiliar, ESO’s take on the continent of Tamriel is split up into three major factions, each with around 150 hours of hand-crafted, fully voice-acted content to quest through. Once you…

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Veteran Dungeons at Elder Scrolls Online

The best thing I can say about Elder Scrolls Online is that I’m still playing it. Normally the time commitments demanded by proper MMORPG reviews leave me so drained that I’d rather watch a marathon of Pauly Shore films than spend more tine in-game. But I’ve continued to jump back…

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ESO fans artists

We’re always inspired by the talent of ESO fan artists. Take a look at some recent works, and don’t forget to visit our official ESO Tumblr page and art section on the official ESOforums for more!